Friday, March 16, 2018

A month in a nutshell?

Drove back from Nashville on Monday February 12 and the month since then has been so hectic and busy. Yesterday at a meeting I got asked why I am not blogging. She was missing reading my blogs. I told her that I had written several quilt blogs and she sternly said that she was not interested in those. She was interested in my grandchildren, travels and things like that. Well, I guess it is really nice to get that kind of comment.
But where to start now? James says I am writing about way too much (and I think he is right). I know I have always been longwinded.

But first ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me. On this day 7 years ago I started this blogging thing.
What else could I have done in that time of writing? Clean house, ha-ha.

The weather has been colder, windier and generally less enjoyable then our winters usually are. Everybody is sick and tired of it. But one things gives me a lot of happiness (besides our children and grandchildren) and its when my indoor plants are blooming. The amaryllis bulbs had shown signs of flowers coming before we left. I thought "oh no, I am going to miss it" but with the house cooler not much had happened while we were gone.

And I found that the orchid we had bought years ago because my mother always had one just like it (but yellow) was actually having a bud too.

The anticipation is a lot of fun. And then finally ....

Incredibly beautiful! Who can not believe in a creator?

February 23 - the first of my daffodils is blooming.

Next day we decided to visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. And there are things blooming too.

Last few days of the month I have to work on our church newsletter. I am desperate for a photo for the front page. On a visit to the Memorial Garden we discover some redbud almost open.

Tuesday March 13 - Snow again! Happy to say that the daffodils and hyacinth survived it though.

About the grandchildren - a few times we helped Sarah and Wade out with Caleb, Colin or Owen.

February 15 it was nice enough to take the children for a walk around the block.

February 17 the twins had to be bundled up because it was very cold.

On the walk around the corner we saw this license plate on a neighbor's car.

February 24 we were invited for dinner. Wade parents Kathy and Mike were visiting for the weekend. When we arrived they had a tailgate party in the driveway.

Later Caleb ate his dinner with the new gift from Auntie Helen, Uncle Ben and William. The earthmover and bulldozer tableware were just the right thing for him.

Saturday March 3 Caleb came to spend the night. He loves going to church with us Sunday morning.

Mommy had brought him and his little brothers never saw us.

I had remembered when children's hours are in our indoor pool and I had texted Sarah that he might want to bring his bathing suit. Oh yes. He liked that. The week before we had taken a turn to bring him to his swimming lesson and her are two videos:
VIDEO 1    (0:32)
VIDEO 2    (0:36)

That week Wade had to go away for two nights on a business trip. Not really a problem for Sarah. She could have managed to get all three in the morning to bring them to daycare and go to work. She does have to be on time at her work though and ... just in case ... I was happy to spend the nights there and help. James was invited to come the night before and have dinner too and we all had a good time. Sarah had the pleasure that all three wanted to be on Mommy's lab. They are active boys. No questions about it.

The alarm rings early in the morning. Everybody has to be ready and out of the house before 7 am. The children were so cute that Sarah took time to quickly take some photos.

Omi said: "Caleb, quickly, lets photo bomb".

And I was home by 7:30 am to take a shower and get ready for whatever was on the calendar that day.

What else was going on? (That will teach me to slack with my blogging) February 20 we had finally the front patio and the walk way to the front door fixed. Remember that the frost had lifted even the floor so that two tiles in the kitchen broke and the sliding glass door was jammed? I blogged about that HERE!
One slab was so much higher on the path that it was a tripping hazard. They drilled holes and injected some stuff which filled all the empty spaces and then hardened. In the process it lifted one slab in the front to even the gap.


Then Paco came again and used two more of the saved tiles from the attic to replace the broken ones. He did a great job ... except I gave hime the wrong color grout. When dry it is very hard to tell.

March the 2 James was a hero again. We hosted the annual vestry dinner again (vestry is our church council). It's a time when the term for three is over and three new people come on. It's nice for all to have a good start to get to know each other. Usually James and I just serve and disappear. This time I was sitting at the table too since I had just been elected. James decided he could do the serving by himself. Everything was staged in the kitchen and he did a marvelous job with the 4 courses.
Our friend Julie C. had lent him her apron which said "Have you hugged an Episcopalian today?"
Oh yes, he got hugged.

And then Monday of this week - - - snow again. Luckily it was gone soon. But it kept me from meeting my friends at the monthly lace meeting in Williamsburg (because I am chicken when I see a snowflake on the road).

Ha-ha, a marathon blog in honor of my 7 year blogging anniversary. And this was not all the happenings, besides I did a lot of sewing too. My fun at least when it is so cold outside. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nashville time

Wednesday February 7
Back from our little trip into warm weather but not much left of the day.

Unpacking. Washing. Stocking up the fridge. Back to cooking after a week of just showing up at mealtimes.

I went to Helen's because she said I could help her with something. I enjoyed working with her. She kept telling me that I made a difference. What a nice feeling. In a break she showed me the two rabbits which had shown up in their backyard under the shed one day. Sometimes she feeds them.

After school William came with us to spend two nights. We watched a lot of the Olympic winter games. After all, it only happens every four years.

But he wasn't just sitting still. He participated. VIDEO!

The forecast was that nice. Rain all day. When I picked William up I asked Helen whether he had a raincoat. She said that it was in the school backpack but he didn't like it.

It had rained heavily in the night and continued. We could do white water rafting in our little creek. So much water everywhere when there is usually none.

William wants to go with Papa to the used-book-store. I talk him into wearing his rain coat. Ha-ha, we found out why he doesn't like it. See where the sleeves end?

We shop for her new one. None at Kohl's. Season already over? But Target has one. William likes it because he likes the zipper. Helen likes it because she thinks the color makes him easier to track.
Here he is in it.

They found 8, 9 and 10 of the series of the "Diary of the wimpy kid" he is reading right nowas he was "addicted" to it and Papa bought them for him. When they came back from the store he started reading 8. But he told Papa he was upset because somebody had scribbled in the book and you don't write in books. When Papa looked at it at the townhouse he could tell William that he had something very special. It was the signature of the author.

What do you do on a rainy day? How about stopping at Panera for a little refreshment? 
I think William is so cute.

He loves playing games. Lots of different ones but right now his favorite is "Connect 4". He managed even to beat Papa when Papa was careless or too fast.

Oh yes, the giant rabbit is still around and had to watch Olympic games too.

The townhouse is close to the Nashville Airport and quite often we pass it. There is this bridge where planes go over and every so often we see one but are too early or too late to take a photo. This time ... perfect. Got it. Fun.

Monday morning. Actually, the alarm clock rang at 5:30 am and in less than one hour we were on the road. It took us 1 hour longer than usual because of traffic. We came to a stop at one point just after we had passed an exit. But I accomplished something. Working on Easter eggs. Tatting.

And ... we are a couple who talks with each other. So, being cooped up in the car we talked about this latest experience. Of course our mini-vacation and first time on a Holland America ship (which was great) but how grateful we are of having time with our children. Happy about family times, some times made by FaceTime. William facetimed with Caleb and Aunt Sarah. The two cousins are so cute with each other. How different was it 30/40 years ago when James and I tried to stay in contact with our families in Europe. It has become so easy.