Saturday, August 11, 2018

End of week 32

It's much quieter in our house.  Of course after William and Helen had gone home there were things which had waited to be taken care off. Here are only a few things.

First on the agenda ... end of July ... the monthly church newsletter.

Nursing my bum knee. Oh well ... For all who are asking: I made an appointment to see what can be done about it. August 22!

A little bit of sewing ... This is the German July block (monthly quilt pattern) to be in the pot for the free give-away. Done in time.  One up and down is a block. This is an excerpt of the row.

I attempted to make "Red beets hummus" like we had it in Cambridge on our England trip recently. I brought some to my friend Julie to get her opinion (which was very favorable). I liked it myself and will do it again.
I even shelled the chickpeas (or garbanzo beans). Did you know that they are called "Kichererbsen" in Germany? Literally translated: giggle peas!

Omi, don't forget to bind the copies of last year's (weekly) letters to William to make his "Second Grade Book" and mail it with a few other surprises. He is starting third grade!

William knows we like to hear from him. He did FaceTime when the parcel arrived and opened it in front of us. How cool is that?

While making the yearly Chrismon plans, I got kissed by the muse and even designed a new Chrismon this week. The keys to heaven. The crossed keys are also the sign of Saint Peter the Apostle.

Occasional babysitting "over the river".

Wednesday we got up at 5:30 am to be "over the river" at 7 am. It was a very hot day so time outside was limited but we did have a lot of fun. James took Caleb to the library and lunch and the twins and I had fun too played nicely.

Colin was so desperately trying to use Caleb's bicycle. No luck to reach the paddles yet.

Caleb found a frog and Owen was very interested in that. He did let him go again though.

The German August row. The blogs are not sewn together yet though.

Friday (yesterday) was Sarah's day off. She wanted to take the children to the Botanical Garden. Papa went too. I skipped it but I managed to walk to the closest Mexican Restaurant to meet them for lunch afterwards. When we left the restaurant: How could we only have 2 hats and one walking stick for 3 children? 

And that is how fast time goes. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

William's visit part 7 -


Wade's parents had come for the weekend and the family was busy. Caleb had his last t-ball game Mike and Kathy had wanted to see.
So, we decided to go to the Farmer's Market and find the world's biggest donuts (we think so). Oh oh, we have had them before. They are still warm when you get them. Awesome.

This is always a very busy place but James found a great parking place and we hardly had to walk.

Right near the beginning was a firetruck and William's eyes lit up.

Oh yes, VIDEO! about William as a fire fighter.
Actually, a composition of Helen's and mine. 

I knew Helen would love it. All the stands with fruits and veggies straight from the farmer. If they had eggs she would ask what hens they have. She knows the different kinds. And if they don't know she knows that they are not really from their farm, in which case you might as well buy them in the store.

Papa had gone straight to Mrs. Yoder's sourdough donuts. There is always a very very long line. We were early so it was not too bad today. They are big. Helen and I shared one.

Helen spied this salsa kit and bought one to make for Sarah.

She also bought these sunflowers for me. We didn't have quite the right vase but cutting some greens in the front yard took care of that. Aren't they gorgeous. Big hug, daughter.

After lunch Helen started on the salsa to take to Sarah's. We all were invited to what Sarah called an easy supper. I volunteered to bring my salad.

Helen was so excited about the variety of the ingredients. All but the lime and the cilantro had come with it. For that we had stopped at Lidl on the way home because Helen wanted to see it since they don't have one. Lidl didn't disappoint her.

Now, here is a big story. When we had gone to the airport on Wednesday we had too much time since Helen's plane was late. William saw a plane in the gift shop he really really wanted. We told him that you can not just ask for and expect gifts but we all had to earn our things. Being nice and helpful without rewards should be normal but we decided that he could earn the plane if he got 15 points until leaving.
He was really into it. Here he is cutting up things for the salad to take tonight. Peppers and grapes. With a REAL knife.

We had also agreed that 'tantrums' would be bad points = points moving back. Luckily we didn't have to do that. The left side are the earnings. Not much left on the right side.

The rest of the day did not go as planned. We arrived at Sarah's at the same time as all of them. Sarah and Caleb from a birthday party, the others from an outing. Caleb said that he didn't feel good and just perched on the sofa. Colin was puny and clinging to his mom. Shortly after he puked all over Sarah. 

Not knowing how it would go from here we felt that we couldn't help but that we would be more in the way/burden. So we left hoping that it was the right thing to do ... wishing that everybody was going to be o.k. soon.

We decided to just stop for dinner on the way home and the first we came to was "Toast". We sat outside. Everybody was happy with what they had ordered. I like to order fish when I can get it.

After that time went fast. A bath for William. Reading time etc etc. Night night.


Church service is at 10 am. Enough time for breakfast and getting ready. Everybody in our church knows Helen and William and coffee hour is always fun.

Lunch at home. The clothes were already in the washing machine and only the button needed to be pushed to start it. Sarah texted whether she and Caleb should come over for an hour. Great idea. There was time to be passed (especially for William).

Up in the guest room Auntie decided to try out William's blow-up bed. Some romping around occurred. 

It didn't help Helen to pack so we all went into the loft. Caleb had found the velcro game and we had a lot of fun with it. But did you know that the thingies don't stick to t-shirts or jeans?

When we went down Caleb and William found a book and asked Papa to read. He is a very good story reader.

Sarah and Caleb had to leave. And we had to get on the way to the airport too. A quick point discussion confirmed that William really did earn that plane. All pins on the 'good points' side. And he still wanted it.

And being helpful continues!

And there it is already in Nashville (Helen had to text a photo to me because I had forgotten). The yellow plane is the one he selected at the gift shop.

Boarding was a little late and they arrived a little late but a non-stop flight is always great. And the delay was nothing compared to the arrival flight. Ben was eagerly waiting for them. It was his birthday. And it was a special birthday too. 
Happy happy Birthday, Ben. Wished we could have celebrated with you. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

William's visit part 6 - more cousin time

Friday - oh yes, a busy day. Sarah had to work from 1 pm to 9:30 pm. We had volunteered to babysit until Wade would come home. But there was still the morning!

Sarah went early to ACAC where she exercised (with the children being supervised in the children's room) and we met them there to swim. It was a very nice day and it was fun. 4 adults for 4 children is a good ratio anyway.

After a while Helen and Sarah took William and Caleb to the other pool where they could do some jumping in. William learned to climb out of the deep end.

James and I kept company with Colin and Owen while they had a snack.

Then to Sarah's house so she could get ready for work. The twins were very tired and we had difficulty for them to eat their lunch. Colin wanted 'dino' to eat his.

When they were finally in bed we relaxed in the screened porch but ... oh no ... there came a thunderstorm. Actually, we decided it is quite cozy there. But when the thunder came close we decided to go inside. We could hear the twins talk forever. But they were so tired?

James tried his luck for Caleb to take a nap. That didn't work either.

Colin and Owen slept somewhat so they definitely felt better. And we could be out on the screened porch again. But it was way too wet outside. 

Later we tried a little separation of the older and younger boys.  Lots of toys in the basement too.


After 5 pm ... story time. Colin is reading to Helen.

It was a wild and crazy full day. But how often does William see his cousins and Helen see her nephews? And yeah, nobody got hurt.