Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This and that

Oh dear, I have to do catch- up again. So much happening all the time but not really big events to blog. It's finally summer. In Virginia that means it's HOT. We try to do a good walk every morning but it means rolling out of bed very early.

It also means though the cup of tea on the front patio and enjoy flowers there. With a little time here and there I am happy that we are enjoying the results of some gardening. Of course there is always deadheading to do to keep the flowers coming.



No, these are not my roses. Sunday afternoon June 5 there was a garden tour in our community. We got a list at the Pavilion and walked. I was amazed to know that several neighbors actually enjoyed "real" roses.



We live in a 55+ community where we don't have to do anything outside our houses but some just do it anyway. It was fun looking at it.



And it's always fun chatting with the neighbors. It also gave us a good idea how we could make our back patio better.



Cut from our own garden.



One of our hydrangeas. Not doing so well. Just one flower.




But I did see a lodger.



I do enjoy this hibiscus. I decided to keep it inside. Amazing what a little fertilizer does! It did get totally out of shape last winter though so I decided to trim it drastically which is hard with so many buds on each branch. Since we will be away in Nashville and will not see the flowers anyway I think it's good timing. We bought rooting powder and I am trying my luck with what I cut off. I hope I can report on that later.



I spent some time in my queendom. This picture is one of the results. I tried it from a photo. Could be either a tablecloth or Christmas tree skirt. Have not decided yet.



We had promised our friend Julie to take her out for her birthday. With everybody so busy it was difficult to find a time. Wednesday June 8 was finally it (including dessert) right before ...





... a choir concert at St James Episcopal Church. Their choir is getting ready for a concert tour in England. All very enjoyable. Julie told us that her Aunt had sung with it ... a long time ago.



Sunday June 12 - surprise! The air conditioning in the church doesn't work. Service is outside in the memorial garden. Actually very uplifting!



Monday we suddenly thought to drop what we were doing and go to the VMFA. We are members and there was a special exhibition of works from artist Kehinde Wiley. Wow! Really really WOW! I have many photos (allowed!) but you should go and see it for yourself. I wished I could show all pictures here. Another reminder that we all should have impromptu fun.



The benches had books laying around and you could read up on certain pieces. Very interesting.



Tuesday we helped Sarah and Wade out by picking Caleb up from daycare.



He is a picky eater but a happy face helped.




Wednesday the 15th we were packing for Nashville. Time-out to hang up the beaver quilt (taking the cats to Nashville). We finally have perfected how to do this and it is very quick and easy. No ladders involved.



And that's it in a nutshell.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Feel good days

Last week we had just settled down for the evening when we received a call to help. It was after 7 pm and Wade and Sarah had to rush to the car dealer where they just had bought their new car a couple of weeks ago. Something had gone wrong with the contract but it was all resolved the next day. We met at the dealer and took Caleb over. It was close to his bedtime and he was confused ... especially since his favorite "Tuffy" was in Mommy's purse.

But ... nothing like stopping at a DQ ha-ha. He was o.k. with that. He was o.k. finishing his in the car with Omi helping him. At their house we played a little, he went into the bathtub, got dressed for bed and Papa just read the bedtime story when his parents walked in. Caleb went happily into his bed.




James is back into his routine to stay fit. He starts accumulating his 10,000 steps early in the morning. Otherwise it gets too hot. I had asked him to shame me into rolling out of bed too to get going. It's going pretty well. Saturday we did our usual route and were halfway when we came to a bird in distress. He was struggling and rolling around on the sidewalk.

James scooped him (or her) up with both hands and tried to calm it down. The Robin was majorly entangled in a green plastic net. I was able to free the wings and feet but there were two loops around its neck I couldn't get. It pinched my finger with his beak once in the beginning and had become calmer but I was afraid to pull too hard. Scissors needed.



We walked around the block and found somebody in front his open garage. James knew him and he was very willing to get us the tool. With that it was no problem and the bird was free in no time. When James opened his hands it flew away in a split second. We were happy to see it head towards the area where we had found it and that nothing seems to be wrong with its flight.



We continued our walk but decided to wash our hands when we found a sprinkler sprinkling. Yes, always a good idea.



We had had a good walk and decided to have an out-of-the-ordinary breakfast. Soft-boiled eggs etc etc. had not done that in a long time and it was nice.



Saturday afternoon I went to Williamsburg to participate in a lacemaking demonstration at the library with my friends. I will probably report about that on my lace and quilt blog. I meddle in my quilting and lacemaking as often as I can.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day - before, during and after

Friday May 27 ~ my friends Lali and Albert celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary at the Barrel Thief.

The "Laliberts" are from Barcelona Spain and their friends were a very international group. It was a lot of fun.



At their wedding they must have had clown noses for their guests' entertainment and Lali wanted to repeat this but could not find any in the quantity they needed ... until somebody pointed out that Walgreens are doing the Red Nose Fundraiser. They were delighted that the fun supported a good cause.







Saying good-by!



This picture is for Jane. 4 days after Jane leaves, the amaryllis flower is open. Too bad. I had hoped she could see it.



The flowers she planted are doing well. And ... this is the first year the azaleas are blooming since we moved here.



You know that Caleb is getting "blubbers" (that's what he calls his brothers-to-be) and we promised Sarah that we would help. Spending a night at Omi and Papa's should be a treat so he came and stayed from Saturday to Sunday. The crib is upstairs in the guest room. I decided to sleep there too. I didn't want him to wake up Sunday morning in a strange room.



Waking up at 6:35 am. He remembered right away that I had promised him that could play with my Taco Bell dog (given to me many years ago by my late friend Lise). When you press the belly he says: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell".





And then he wanted Papa to read him a book.



We had breakfast and played in the living room. He saw the clothes I had laid out for church and he decided to dress himself. He did very well but of course still needed some help.




And he was very good in church too. There was a baptism and the children actually came twice to the front and left again. He is in the crowd somewhere.



Afterwards there was a reception with cake. I had volunteer work to do and missed it. When I asked James later whether Caleb had a piece he told me not to ask "how many". After church we met his parents who had been shopping at Short Pump. We were later told that he asked whether they were going to church when he woke up after his nap and the next morning. Glad he liked it.

Our friends (and neighbors) Janet and Larry had an impromptu cookout late afternoon. Memorial Day weekend with rain. Of course. But it was very cozy in the garage. They had arranged everything perfectly and it was a lot of fun.





We actually managed to walk home dry.


USA holiday ~ Memorial Day

Monday morning May 30th at 9:30 "Mimosas and Munchies"

James and I had signed up for this event at the Pavilion. It gave us a chance to socialize with neighbors. We don't do it often enough. There was a 3 man band making very nice music.



And for dinner we were invited "over the river". Caleb is playful. What was it with pulling his shirt over the head?






When we were driving home the sky was incredibly beautiful. No way to stop but I tried to take a photo backwards in the mirrow. Pretty good?





The amaryllis in its full glory!



And the weather is finally better. We can go for walks again but it has to be early in the morning because when it gets hot ITS HOT! We even see "wildlife" in the neighborhood. The boys (William and Caleb) would like this.

Baby snapping turtle ... keep your fingers to yourself.





And we can sit on the patio and enjoy the flowers. Of course have to do the dead heading too.





Yes, it's all good!