Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moving ... done!

Sarah and Wade sold the 4506 Cutshaw Avenue house the first week they had put it on the market. Closing was on April 2 and it needed to be empty.

Unfortunately finding their new "100% right" place took a little longer. They actually had to put most of their belongings in storage and stay in a rented place. But finally the day of closing on the new house came: April 23, exactly three weeks later.
While they were at the lawyers James and I picked up Caleb from the daycare and waited at the new house (seems like it always takes a little longer at the lawyers). Of course I had not seen it and didn't have a key so we wandered around outside to keep Caleb happy.

There was a doggy in the yard ... a concrete one.

Caleb didn't trust it.

Finally the happy new owners arrived and we got a tour. I think they will be very happy in this place!
We took Caleb with us for the night so that the parents could get to work (and may be celebrate a little too). He was so so tired. I had to work hard to keep him awake in the car. He gave me a lovely smile when I lay him into the crib and was asleep probably 5 minutes later. And of course slept the whole night.
Breakfast time next morning.

Then James brought him to the day care and the real moving day began. Sarah and Wade had arranged different things to happen like clockwork. And all worked out really well and the sun was shining too. Even Wade's father Mike drove all the way from Pulaski to help.
I went straight to the house. The movers with the storage were scheduled to arrive at 9am. When I walked in I saw this though = Caleb's "essentials" from the temporary house. Is there anything else really needed?

I had brought paper, sharpie and tape and Sarah and I labeled the different rooms so we could tell where things needed to go. Lighter things we could help to bring in but when kitchen boxes finally arrived I could start unpacking and washing.
Funny how the packers had packed some of the things. I had to take this picture for Helen. She likes to leave these little ducks hidden behind when she leaves after a visit.

James and I decided that we feel a bit our age on days like this. We arrived back home a bit ... worn. What did Edy do all day? As soon as I set down she made herself comfy on top of me.

They had been so lucky with the weather on Friday. Saturday it drizzled or rained all day. An ugly day.
We had been asked to mind Caleb for a little while in the afternoon because they wanted to do an errand and Mike had to drive back home. Since it was almost on our way from us to them we offered to stop at the temporary place to pick up the rest and do the essential cleaning.
Caleb was a lot of fun. As always a box is a wonderful toy.

James and Caleb explored the house and found Jimmy's "house".

The errand took a little longer but when Caleb was in bed we were treated to dinner from the "green egg".

Sunday (today) came too early especially since there was a bit of thunder in the night and Edy insisted on sleeping on my head.
James had to leave for church 7:15am because he was leading both services. Our Rector was on vacation.
... including the sermon. I am so proud of my husband. Doesn't shy away from much.

We have two new babies in the congregation. That's what the rosebuds on the altar are for.

Boy boy boy. After church an open house birthday party and after that we met Sarah and Wade (after Caleb's nap) at the "temporary place" (2524 Thicket Green) to finish up and close that chapter in the moving story. It was almost in the same neighborhood anyway.

The swiffer had already been on the truck but Caleb insisted on trying it out on the street. Cute that he even knows what you should do with it.


And just when I thought I was done with this blog an email arrived from Ben. James and I had to look at the pictures for a while. William is becoming such a big boy. Can't wait until we see him. It's his birthday soon!
Handsome and sweet.

Life is good. Thanks be to God!


More this and that

Ah, once in a while the weather is already summerly. This was April 12. Can't wait for the pollen to be gone. With this I mean the yellow stuff which blankets everything every year.

Another thing which happens every year about this time. I make commemorative bobbins for the Heartland Lace Guild (the one I founded in Paducah). 87 bobbins this time. They gave me trouble this time. It gets easier after the first few coats of varnish. This shape bobbins are very hard to find and these are just not as good as the ones I could order from Belgium years ago. Oh well ...

Friday's are Sarah's day off. Still between houses so she can't do much. So we all went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. The spring bulbs were still gorgeous.


It was also the first day of the butterflies in the conservatory. Caleb was not very impressed. The orchids of course are always worth seeing. Ha-ha, I seem to always take ago to of this one: Showy Melastome.

Caleb liked the bridge when we went over the first time.

He loved seeing all the children going by.

Big help!

Mr Independent has to explore. You got to watch when he runs off ... VIDEO.

Doesn't like his hands dirty though.

The playground.

And ... there is a VIDEO.

Back over the bridge. That must be the Burr in him ... loves water, loves rivers and lakes/ponds.

I love redbuds. Didn't know they also come in bushes. Had to find the name tag.

After the LGBG we had to make a run because Sarah wanted to buy this wagon. A friend of hers had one and they had gone for a walk together. Caleb had so much fun. It is always nice to try out before you buy. She had trouble finding it though. Of course it is always nicer if you can find it for a special price.

Oh yes, he likes it. And we have already gone on several walks like that. He even can do the queen's wave.

When it gets close to his bedtime you have to get inventive playing.

Time to go home. Papa puts the shoes on. Shoes ... one of the words he can say now.

My amaryllis gives me a lot of joy. But I had to cut out the first wilted trumpets.

Few days later down to one trumpet.


Saturday. We meet our friends Barbara and Rob at the VMFA. Lunch at the Amuse is always a treat. Special appetizer of the day was "sautéed fiddle fern". Had to try it ... and liked it. Very crunchy and looks so neat. Thought I took a picture but can't see it in the camera roll. Disappointed.

Afterwards I quickly went up the little hill because I wanted to see what the trees were up there which I had seen from afar. Turning around ... see the statue in the middle of the above picture?

I took two pictures very alike.
In the first the man looks interested.

In the second he looks skeptical. I find that interesting.

Yeah! I finished another of the "Chrismons in Lace".

And I am prepared for my lesson at the May CR Quilters!

Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a cat ... at least in our household.


* * * * *


Updated April 27, 2015

Pictures James took.