Saturday, June 28, 2014


Good news and not so good news. Since the doctor visit about a week ago James is allowed to put weight on the "bad leg" as long as it is in the special boot. So he is down to one crutch in the house and can sometimes even carry things. Life has become a little easier.
The doc was not very encouraging about our next trip though which we had booked way before this had happened. We just have to wait and see. Nothing cancelled yet.

It gets hot in the afternoons. Well, Virginia kind of hot. But in the mornings we enjoy the outdoors. When I had to go and buy more bird seeds I had the brilliant idea to see what more is out there. I bought two inexpensive hanging things and they have proved to be great. We have many more different birds visiting us. I also remembered our binoculars. Better then TV for sure.

Once in a while James has visitors too. Just visiting really is enough of a treat but we did gobble this up in no time. He shared. So sweet of Ann and Bill.

Last week we had another visitor on several days. Poor little Caleb had a fever and of course couldn't go to the daycare. Good thing Omi and Papa were not gone after all to help Sarah and Wade out.

He does love paper. Have to watch that he doesn't eat it though. This one didn't have print on it which is better.

And then there was yesterday ... Friday. Helen and William had to get up very early in Nashville to fly to Virginia. Helen kept us up to date with their progress with texting and photos.

He said the plane has a face. Right he is. Even Papa could see it once pointed out.

The above gave us all a good laugh.

And then I was waiting at RIC for the arrival.

So worth it !!!

Up so early and so much excitement. He fell asleep for about 5 minutes in the car just before we arrived at the house.

But the cat nap was enough for him to get going again. Big hello with Papa. And we even went to our library to check out 6 books for him. Fun with Omi's train. Good dinner. Happy to know he likes taco salad as much as his mother. Fun in the bathtub and even fun washing his hair and blow drying.
And then a very good nights sleep for both ... well, all four of us. What else can you ask for?

Just one bit of info: I worked on this blog since yesterday. Blogsy just didn't want to cooperate. Had to delete it and re-install. At least it works now again.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monthly quilt week

2nd Tuesday of the month (June 10) at 10 am = CR quilters!
This time Marsha showed us how to make a Dresden Plate. She was wonderfully prepared and gave us a great lesson. You do need a special tool to make the right cutting easy. I got one now, ha-ha. With a coupon it was less then $5.

Marsha brought samples of what you can do.

BOM # 5

Show + tell !
Janet is almost finished with her wedding quilt. Well, "her" wedding is way before mine. She kept moaning that the bride wanted a red and yellow one but I think it is really stunning!

Becky brought two of her mother's quilts. This double wedding quilt is so special. I wished, I wished ...

She had made a quilt as a wedding gift too.

The back. I think she did the quilt-as-you-go technique.

Somebody is ahead with her Christmas gifts.

I wished I remembered the name of the lady reluctantly showing us these. It will be a gorgeous wall hanging. I love the color choices.

And a newcomer showed us the things she had started a long time ago.

Same day every month in the evening: church mice quilters. This time it was the yearly picnic at Bonnie's house.
But we did have a little bit of show+tell. This is jaw dropping!

And the hostess showed us her "invention" of a family tree quilt.


Well, and then every week on Thursdays I try to work at the Stitchers-for-a-cause.
Since it is always a potluck lunch I made scotch eggs to bring.

There is kind of a show+tell to. Sometimes we discuss projects. This is going to be a special quilt. It's going to be raffled for a special cause. The top is finished. Amazing was this person did with the fabric on hand.

Sometimes somebody shows us their "private" quilts.

This is my project I am working on. The three birds were donated (like all the fabric). I guess somebody decided paper piecing is not her thing. They were different sizes and a couple of weeks ago I did the panel. I should have taken a "before" picture.
This Thursday I added the trees. Have to think what to do next with it. And yes, the birds need eyes. I am pretty pleased so far.

Oh yes, I also finished this "Lace Chrismon" today. Its part of a special project for myself but that will be a different blog in the future.

I guess this blog is for my "textile friends" ... or is it "thread friends"?

Making the best of it

Our plans have changed ... but we are still having fun. True, James is sometimes a bit bored (even so he is an avid reader) but there is still plenty to enjoy and be happy about.
Here are just a few examples ...

We live in a building with four units. We invited everybody "under one roof" for a little social time on Thursday June 6th, just snacks and refreshments. James asked me to make cucumber sandwiches. I even found extra thin-cut bread. Everybody came and (I think) had fun. Love this neighborhood!

Friday James suggested to go to the VMFA = Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We have a membership but had not been a while.
We probably spent an hour and a half in the antiquity department. It was great.

Then we went upstairs to the Amuse restaurants for lunch. We splurged and started with fried oysters.

Friends sometimes come to distract James a little. Julie came when Caleb was here too.

Sometimes Caleb visits on Saturday mornings when Sarah has to work. We have a great time.

I also had to make a cauliflower egg salad for the church potluck the next day. That was another lovely event. We had such a good time that our friends Kim and Mike came over later for a combined leftover dinner. The weather was so perfect that we could spend the whole evening on the back patio. They had made a wicked BBQ and sauce and coleslaw all homemade too.

Monday the 9th, the day of the monthly Colonial Lacemakers meeting. I didn't want to leave James alone the whole day so I asked whether the ladies would mind meeting at our house. Of course they didn't mind. James spent most of the morning on the patio. Lali even brought a gift for him. Oh those Spanish chocolates were good (he shared).

Lunchtime. Sarah was working late so she took her Daddy out for lunch but they came back just in time for dessert.

During the meeting I tried to do FaceTime with my sister in Germany since she has now the new iPad. It was so much fun. She used to do bobbinlace too. I introduced her to each of my friends and showed Ute what they were working on. Yup, love my gadgets. Isn't it amazing what we can do these days? Ha-ha my sister loves her gadget now too.
Tuesday the 10th - Election Day. This was our very first time to vote since we are now citizens. We take that seriously.

I told the people at the voting station that it was our first time ever and one lady was so excited that she ran away and came back with this little gift for me.

Don't know what day this was but Sarah wanted to do a few errands and Caleb was about to take a nap when his mother saw this turtle hurrying along outside - which of course we had to check out. As you can see, Caleb was not impressed.

Yes, Saturday the 14th was Flagday!

It was also Father's Day weekend. Wade's parents had come to visit and we were invited to dinner too. Wade had made wonderful BBQ ribs on his green egg.
And, very important too, James had managed the numerous steps in and out of their house just fine.


And yes, there were the 4 days of USA Open golf and the World Cup Soccer now .....