Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and Sarah's new camera

Sarah has a new camera and ... she is using it. She took lots of pictures. Here are a selected few from many.

Our Christmas celebrations started with the young Wallers coming over on Christmas Eve to join us at the late Christmas service at St Martin's.

There was a little time beforehand and Sarah demonstrated her camera.
Smile, Mom, Dad!

Christmas Day! Turkey Dinner at their house. Sarah and Wade wanted to do the cooking. At least most of it.

Sarah was playing "Paparazzi".  Edy doesn't care.
 Neither does Jimmy.

 Neither does Schatzi.

Wade has volunteered.

The Turkey is meeting the big green egg.
 The big bird. The "before" picture.
 Wade knows what he is doing.
 Egg science!

 He seems to have helpers.
Sarah wanted us to come a little earlier. Now I know why. James and I were presented with our Christmas gift from our 5 offsprings/sons-in-laws.

Big surprise!
Yeah! We are going to see "The Lion King".

Such a great idea! Thank you, Helen, Ben, William, Sarah and Wade!!!

It's getting serious.

The big bird. The "after" picture.

In the kitchen ready to be carved.
 The big spread in the new addition room.

Roast potatoes just like her Dad always made them.

The hosts. Well done!
But Sarah, where is the picture of the bread sauce? The pot with the blue lid.

Dad got up early before Christmas Day service to make it to bring.

More guests have arrived.
After the main course we had to have Christmas crackers of course.
Every cracker had a toy, a quiz question and a joke. James thinks he heard some of the jokes when he was a little boy, haha.

But they are still funny.

Did anybody leave room for dessert?

Sarah hoped I would not mind getting my birthday present a day early ... since she had to work the next day.

 Who minds getting a gift?
Sneaky Sarah. I got something which I really wanted but James wasn't so sure we should use. More about it later ... blog from Nashville in spring!!
Thank you, Sarah and Wade!

More paparazzi photos. Guess what Edy is looking at?
Santa had told us that Wade wished for a bird feeder for Christmas. It is attracting a crowd.

Jimmy would love to go outside and take care of the squirrels which are a nuisance at the feeder.
And here are a few photos I took ... of Sarah taking a photo of the turkey ...
 Slightly smoked. Nice!

So pretty. Unfortunate we forgot to bring one of our high stools and poor Wade had to sit on the ladder.

Jimmy's friend.