Friday, January 31, 2014

Make new friends but keep the old...

Excursion to Paducah Kentucky.
Saturday morning we left early. James (as retiree) was invited to the yearly company employee luncheon. We can't participate very often but this year it was possible.
1pm at Harrah's in Metropolis IL just over the river.

First thing I had to do when we arrived was find the ladies' room. Now, each stall had a sign like this. What do you think this means?

Our table. It was really heartwarming. We knew a lot of the people there for a long time. Helen was only 2 1/2 when we moved there and Sarah was born there. We had to answer a lot of questions. And which wife is not proud to notice how much they had liked and respected their (former) boss?

Of course Jo Pat and Jo Beth remembered when I had lost the (borrowed) cap (meant for his father as a souvenir I faintly remember) into the Grand Canyon because of a wind gust so many years ago.

When we wanted to go back to Paducah we saw that the traffic on I-24 seemed to have come to a standstill. I remembered at the last minute the Brookport Bridge so James took the detour.
This bridge has always given me the creeps. It's nothing but metal and you can look right through into the river. You always have the feeling that the car is sliding along. The extremely cold weather didn't help that feeling at all.

We had dinner at Max' which had always been one of our favorite places there. With "old" friends. Sara and David M. and Barbara R. Oh, we go back so many years and we have so many memories together. It was great!
The next day (Sunday) we went to service at Grace Episcopal Church. More memories! Again, many people greeted us and hugged us. What a super feeling.
Since they knew that we were coming, James had been asked to give his Camino presentation after the service. Of course he was glad to do that. We had some problems with the computer/projector equipment ... but luckily it could get sorted out.

Afterwards we rushed back to Nashville. William had complained that we had not come to "his" church. He wanted some playtime.
But look at this sign I saw when we made a stop.
You are right. I can be so easily amused!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nashville time

Tuesday Jan 21st
The weather forecast is not nice. A snow storm is supposed to hit Virginia. One has to be flexible in life so we change our plans and decide to drive a day earlier then planned. Most nessessary work was done. Some things can be packed and worked on in Nashville. Yeah to laptops!
We had set the alarm clock but woke up even earlier and decided to just get going. We were on the road at 4:26 am. The drive was not always nice but we missed most of the bad weather. We were ahead of it. Good decision!
Of course Helen and William came over shortly after our arrival. William looks at our car and asks: "What happened?" It's just so cute when he says that.

No time like the present to play.

When Helen gets home later she texts this picture. From the car into bed for the night. Omi wore him out.

Dinner the next day. We wore him out again.

The following day Helen was prepared. She brought his pj. I think he even had a bath at Omi's and was carried to bed again from the car.
He loves his pj from Omi and Papa.

Friday January 24th. The year Helen was born had weather pretty similar except there was frozen snow with ruts on the ground. It was so cold that they didn't even want to let us out of the hospital because we didn't have a garage attached to the house we could drive into before getting out of the car.
I think Helen had a great birthday. It started that James picked the three of them up (I think at 9:30am) to go to the Circus. All 4 of them came back talking about it very excited.


Oh, they were going high!

William doesn't like to take naps any more but sometimes it happens whether he wants it or not. The circus was so exciting that he didn't make it home awake. Helen had to carry him from the car to Omi's bed where he took a nice long nap. Perfect ... because Helen was having a birthday party at 6:30 pm.

Grandpa took this picture. The "digger" is new and had to go everywhere for a while. The snack (apple slices) were served in the front loader.

Yes, 6:30! Let the festivities begin. Helen loves taco salad. So here it is just as she likes it.

Ben had taken care of the cake for his wife and William was helping. The top of the dryer was the secret place.

William again helped. This time blowing the candles.

And then eating it, ha-ha. It was most delicious. I think it was called "tres leches" oh so good. Well done, Ben!

Helen has wonderful friends and we had a lot of fun.

[The next day Helen went with William to see her MIL Joy and GeeGee (William's great-grandmother). They had arranged for Helen-Fest 2. I hope we get to see them in a few days too ... weather permitting!]

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Catch up

Yes, I have to catch up with my blogging. Always so much going on. The last weekend in VA (18th and 19th) Wade's parents came to Richmond for the weekend. Sarah is always so good making sure that we can meet them too. So we were invited to Saturday dinner. Wade and his father cooked outside. Steak from the grill and fried oysters. Can you believe it? The bathroom remodeling workmen had brought the oysters because they came to work on Saturday.

Caleb's "other" grandparents. They so love him too.

Almost bedtime.

Can you believe he is almost standing?

All bundled up ready for his crib. He usually gives his parents a good night's sleep. Is grandpa going to bring him up?

I think a lot about my parents these days. We didn't have those great gadgets then. When we are in VA Helen is so good sending us photos, videos and facetimes once in a while. Look at this video of William with one of his toys he had received from a friend at our church!
Snoopy dance #1
Snoopy dance #2

And since I am now here in Nashville look at the video Sarah sent of Caleb!

I love our girls!!!