Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Nashville time

This visit in Nashville ... only one week with two weekends ... and the time goes so fast. Quality time with Helen (we are quite happy with what we were able to do in this time) ... and quality time with William. Oh yes, and a nice dinner in honor of Ben's birthday.

Here is the third time we went to a pool. This time to Helen's friend Suzanne. We had a great time!

Here is the proof!   So amazing how much more confident William has become and trying new things like floating on his front or back and even going under water when jumping. He paddled the length of the pool several times.

Of course that makes hungry! Thanks, Suzanne, for giving us such a nice time!!!

This was the week for the Wilson County Fair. I saw it advertised next to the highway when I was arriving. I didn't have to ask twice because Ben and Helen wanted to go anyway. The fair has a great reputation. So, Saturday evening was the time.

Taking the stroller was an excellent move. Our little guy might have got lost in the masses of people. William was wide-eyed the whole time.

We were very hungry so we started out with roasted corn.

Our first target was the pavilion for the children with the animals.

This video shows that he might not quite be ready to work the fields.

Children are allowed to pet the animals. William was too fast and off to the next. Very often cute moments were over before I could capture them with the camera (the blue words lead you to some short videos though).

William is not so sure about the goats. But he knows what they are and names them.
Does this goat really try to eat Ben's shorts?

William enjoyed the maze and then ran up the bleachers so fast that he was already at the top before I  got  the video  going.

Ah, yes, the rides! Ben takes William on the carousel. 

William did smile and wave ... but I never could capture the right moment. I took three videos but since they all pretty much the same, there is one here.

Helen takes William on the roller coaster. 

Helen said that he asked to go again at the end. He was more sure about it then she was.

What is the fair without junk food? 

 Helen had to try the deep fried twinkies.

We took a little rest where a tap dancing contest was going on. Look at William's moves!

Time to go home. But of course no way can we just pass the little train. Once William sees it ...
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3 
And then he was so good going home because it was very late. He likes it when something is happening.

Monday I had to drive home again. It's a long drive for just one person but the weather was perfect, so it wasn't so bad. I made plenty of stops as I had promised my concerned husband.

But guess what happened when my car told me "20 miles till empty"?  I take exit 77 with hundreds of gas station but ... none have electricity and not for the next 30 miles (I was told). Oh great! Had to go back 3 or 4 miles to the previous exit and fill up. Could not see whether there was anything happening when I passed that exit 77 the second time. Never have heard about this happening before!

James was very happy when I arrived. And look at the flowers he had waiting for me.

And outside more sunflowers were blooming. These had been seeded by the birds. I had seen them come up but decided not to pull them. I had not been sure what I saw growing but yes, I was right. I am happy I had let nature do its thing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nashville time

The best made plans ... the next trip to see Helen and William suddenly didn't work out in that timeframe. But since I had said I was coming I couldn't say that I wasn't. The time was changed and I drove on Friday 8/16.

See what I left behind (besides James). Earlier in that week this turtle came marching up the driveway. James carried it into the woods behind our house.

And I had seen this in the neighborhood earlier in the week. Couldn't resist taking a photo.

His feet can be adjusted, ha-ha.

But this is what waited for me in Nashville. Few weeks of not seeing him make such a difference. William is really a little boy now.

Sunday after church we took a picnic to the playground. William was more interested in exploring then eating. He likes to climb up the slide ...

... and slide down on his tummy. Here a short video!
Oh wow, another one!

Ah yes, had to try the swing!  But he needed Omi to put him on. Just give him a few weeks ... who knows what he does when I come next time.

When a child run by he got jostled and then he decided to jostle himself. Yes, video!

Mr Independent run all over the place (video)  but he was very good when you called him back. Once he came down a slide, was looking for us and couldn't see us. So he asked a lady on the bench right there "can you find me?" But of course Helen and I were right there.

On the way home we had to stop at the DQ. How cute is this?   No brain freeze?

Helen made me do it! This month's Block Lotto. I even used her scraps.

And then yesterday late afternoon! It was so much fun. After William's preschool a quick snack. And then Helen wanted to take him to the YMCA where they have a family membership. The pool is really very nice.  I apologize for the many videos. I got carried away. But who can blame me? I have to have something to look at when I am back in VA. And also, a good number of William's people requested this!!!

First William was a little reluctant but then he got more confident every minute.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

 Since I wanted to take photos I didn't take my bathing suit. Well, it was a mistake. But I sat at the edge and dangled me feet. William could hold on to these because there was nothing on the edge where he could hold on otherwise. He liked that very much ... once in a while.

And then we went over to the kiddy pool.   

 The froggy slide!   Round and round he went, clime up the ladder, up the stairs, slide down.

Did you hear this? Mommy back!
Since I was there too, I suggested to Helen to swim a lane to show him how its done. He didn't like his Mommy swimming away first but I told him to look how she is turning at the end and then swimming back. He found it very interesting. Then Mommy swam just a little on her back in front of him. He asked her to do it again and again. He really liked that ... to the point that he tried going on his back himself. It was amazing.   

Time to leave soon. Two more times down the slide?

Ha, he had told his Mommy to get out of the way and not catch him. He went under but didn't mind.

Out of the pool to go down again.

We had so much fun that it got really late. William was hungry. The solution? The Mexican place we like because you immediately get chips. More chips, please. But don't worry. He also ate his dinner with veggies.