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The Lord has created a wonderful world and James and I love to travel and see it. A great part of it is the wonderful memories we have. I love to look at the pictures I took and read what I did. I tried to find a way for me to easier find my blogs. It will take a while to get organized. Here is a start:

(( Ha-ha, after working hard with the first two links to put into every blog the link to the next day I found out ... at the bottom of each blog is a link to either older post (right side) or newer post (left side). I had looked for it! Really! I must have been blind. ))

Cruise Montreal to Boston     May 2018 (Holland America "Maasdam") with Kate and Dave

Eastern Caribbean Cruise     Jan/February 2018 (Holland America Cruise "Veendam")

Hiking the Jesus Trail     September 2017 (just us)

Jordan and Israel     September 2017 (OAT)

Germany and England      May/June 2017

Cuba     February 2017 (with Grand Circle Foundation / OAT)

Boston and the Azores     February 2016

Costa Rica with the Family   January 2016

Camino/Europe Adventure   September 2015

Hiking in West Virginia   June 2015

Asia Trip (Korea, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam)   -   Feb+March 2015 (with OAT)

Europe Trip (Croatia, Vienna, Germany) - Aug+Sept 2014

Kate and Dave visiting and Topsail Island - September 2013

Spain - May and June 2013

Costa Rica - Feb 2013   (with OAT = Overseas Adventure Travel)

England - Sep+ Oct 2012

Turkey - June+July 2012   (with OAT = Overseas Adventure Travel)

Florida - Feb 2012

Peru - Oct+Nov 2011   (with Odysseys Unlimited)

Germany - May+June 2011

India and Nepal - March 2011 (with Odysseys Unlimited)

(I wished I had started blogging earlier. I would have wonderful memory-helpers.)

* * * *

Well, found some old reports. Will upload whenever I can. Oh, the memories!!!

2009 - South Africa

2004 - Trip around the World ... including HongKong, Shanghai, Xi'an, England (Henley) and France (on the boat)

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