Monday, April 25, 2011

Husband was right!

Remember the wreath with the Easter eggs in my last blog? James warned me that it was too heavy for that hook but I thought it should be alright. Well, it wasn't. The day doesn't start out very well when you jump out of bed because you heard the wreath with the Easter eggs come crashing down. Well, may be more plop then crash but most are broken.

At least James didn't say "I told you so". Instead he went to get the vacuum cleaner and used it.

We had plans to go to the zoo today but somehow things happened and time ran away.

 But we met Aunt Sarah for lunch at the "Noodle Company" and that was fun.

All fresco! Waiting for the food.

Afterward we went for a walk around Echo Lake. But not Aunt Sarah. She had to work. William was not impressed with the ducks. He fell asleep.

Richmond's Echo Lake.

William slept on the (short) way home, then for a while in the house while Mommy and Omi did an errand and when he woke up, he played happily in the exersaucer. He keeps turning in all directions.

Friends from church lent the exersaucer to us. Wonderful friends they are.

And then Grandpa, Omi and William sat outside for a while because Mommy had gone to the gym. The neighbor's cats Samantha and Miss Buddy came to visit and William found that quite exciting.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Since we finally have put ALL the Christmas things away (see previous blog), it is time to decorate and get ready for Easter.

Helen baked an Easter Lamb cake on Saturday to take to church on Sunday morning (since I happened to find my ?? year old mold). I think she did a very good job.

Helen, William and I drove all over town to find twigs/branches for the Easter eggs (since I could not find anything in the woods behind the house ... thoughts of ticks made me too nervous to go too far into the underbrush).

Yes, some of my eggs are covered with lace. This is bobbinlace!

This is tatting!

Bobbinlace again!

Tatting again!

Some are probably 30 years old. The one in the middle in the back is made by gluing on punch hole dots. 

And then MANY years ago I took a tole-painting class.
Haha, my "Grandma Moses" period.

The other side!

Many eggs were decorated by the children when they were small. I wished I had written names and dates on ALL of them.

Up in the loft (where before Christmas the Advent star hangs) hangs a wreath with more eggs. Oh, those memories.

Easter morning breakfast. You have to be strong to brave all of Grandpa and Omi's church friends to coo over you.

Yup, that was good.

Saint Francis is waiting for the children after the service.

Group photo of the little ones.

Found one!

This is fun.

More eggs. I wished I could walk!

William gets presents from Omi's friend Betty.

1 mile from the house William falls asleep ... and wakes up when Helen takes him out of the car.

But then he is a trooper all afternoon laughing and giggling and entertaining everybody.

And what is in my bag?

Ups, the main meal is already over. Forgot to take a picture. Dessert time. Sarah brought two: Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble and Apple pie.

Helen made the Burr tradition 'rabbits in the grass' (half a pear on green jello). Aunt Jane had given her a cookbook with it when she was about 7 or 8 and she made it ever since. William liked his ... but only the pear.

All 'the children's' plates.

And afterward we sat outside. Almost too hot ... hahaha ... can you imagine that?

And then later on William exercised ... by trying to retrieve the eggs which kept rolling away.

He could hold one even with his feet. Try that!

And then grandpa took him for a walk ... on which he promptly fell asleep ... William, not grandpa.