Thursday, March 31, 2016

Going! Gone!

Monday! Leaving the house at 8:30 am for the RIC airport.

"I will miss bunny".

If he still is being missed in about 3 weeks he will have to ride in the car to Nashville.



William is an excellent traveler ... as was/is his Mommy and Auntie.



Found this last night on Facebook:



Here is my addition:


Dust if you must, but wouldn't it be better,

To spend time with your children and play with your grandkids,

Roll on the floor with them, run around the playground,

So they know how much they are loved.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Sunday

Alleluia, He is risen! He is risen indeed!


What a glorious day!


William of course had to check the magic seeds first thing. Yup, it had worked. A Cadbury egg for each seed.




He had to get a container.





The health-conscience Nashville bunny had brought more toys then candy. After all, there will be an Easter egg hunt after church too.



He had to check whether anything else was happening with the seeds. The Cadbury eggs didn't have any roots and seeds always grow roots. He is in the garden club at school.



Arrival at the church. Eggs everywhere. Good thing there is a roof over this. Drizzle rain had started.


The Easter flower cross. We had brought daffodils and blue pansies from the garden.
Our friend Rob had told me a long time ago that when William comes to visit he may ring the church bells. Rob was true to his word and William was so happy. William loves doing things for the church. He was in awe about this job.
It makes one happy to see the church so full and so many children come forward for children's sermon. William is somewhere in there.



Omi had teller-duty and I didn't see any of this. Helen shared videos and photos thank goodness. I guess the children get instructions in the first photo.








Wow, look at the bounty in the picture above.

He took everything out of the plastic eggs and left them at church for next year.




Omi and Papa gave William this Lego set. He started right away.



After lunch our friend Betty came by to give this giant bunny to William. It was really sweet of her but gave us a problem. He fell in love with it and it caused crocodile tears when he was told that there was no way they could take bunny in the plane.




Caleb loved bunny too. Sarah, Wade and Caleb came after Wade's visiting parents had left and Caleb had had his nap. Kathy and Mike had taken Jimmy, the big black lab, with them for his vacation so Schatzi came along not to be alone. She is a big dog too but very sweet and no problem.






Easter dinner was at 5 pm with the traditional lamb roast and roasted potatoes done by James to perfection.

A picture of the also (Burr) traditional "rabbits in the grass" is the only evidence I have.



After the others had left to go back "over the river" William went back to finish his challenger. He is excellent in following the directions.






Bedtime for William. Last sleep this vacation. Helen is packing. Unbelievable how fast this week has gone. It has been so nice. Have to be thankful for that!


Busy busy



William and I did some garden work. We weeded some creeper which had come through the fence and trimmed some bushes. My Redbud tree finally seems to like it here.



William likes doing schoolwork (most of the time) and showed me what he can do.




We built new tracks.



James and I went to the Stations of the Cross service at church at 6 pm.



After dinner we played this game.






In preparation for Easter I had boiled eggs but had taken the soft boiled ones for breakfast out a little bit too early. No problem. I gave the first one 10 seconds in the microwave. James thought that wasn't enough.

Oh yeah? Nothing like some impromptu entertaining.



Papa and William went with the shopping list.



Later Papa weighed his camino things to figure out what to take and what needs to stay behind. He is getting ready for his 4th pilgrimage starting in a few days.



William and I took the Christmas card and over-the-door-display strips down and put the Easter branches up. William made two new eggs for it.






Because of the branches we really can't play with the "helicopter" inside. So we try it outside. Omi decided that it would not matter if we lost one. She has reserve. It was quite exciting ... but a little too windy.







Helen found the magnetic wooden shapes and the creating began. I can't remember what Wiiliam called this.



Before bedtime the Easter bunny rang Omi's phone and explained that he was running behind and needed William's help. He had left Easter egg seeds and directions.



William put a "W" on each Popsicle stick to mark the spot for the 8 seeds.



He was so excited but we had to be on our toes to answer all his questions.





After bedtime Omi got busy. I am glad Helen took over after the picture-taking.







And to all a good night! (and thanks to Helen again for a lot of the pictures and some from James)