Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nashville time

Uh uh, I have some catching up to do. The internet in the townhouse in Nashville is not the greatest and besides, I don't have that much time there after I have done all the playing with William. We drove up last Monday after the St Martin's anniversary festivities and returned yesterday (Tuesday).

After we arrived we met Helen, Ben and William at a Mexican restaurant. William was hungry so he was very appreciative of the chips and salsa they always bring right away. He doesn't mind how spicy it is.

Having a conversation with Papa (Grandpa) while waiting for the food. During the week we found that he was very interested in watches and clocks. He likes numbers and one day we spend a lot time upstairs discovering the times change on the nightstand clocks. Papa's was always a little behind. One time we walked back into the room and the hour had changed. We heard him say "OMG". Out of his mouth ... that was cute and so unexpected.

During our time there Papa took lots of walks with William. This gave Mommy and Omi time in the sewing room. At the end we were very happy about what was accomplished.

Ha-ha, what is the advantage of having one daughter in Richmond and one in Nashville? Answer: you get two birthday cakes! Chocolate again. Helen knows her dad. Oh was it good.

Did I mention that we played hard? William is very happy if you just invent something very simple. Here is one example: yes, a video!

(Sorry about the looks of the capris and the wool socks. It had turned cold.)

One night we went to Cheekwood Botanical Garden. We have a membership. There was a special exhibition, a lightshow by Bruce Munro.

There was live classical music in several places and William loved that. He was always very quiet and attentive.

Full moon.

More music.

On Sunday we met Helen at a church we had not been to before. I forgot to take a picture from the outside because I was busy taking the picture of this beautiful mushroom. Love that picture.

The inside after the service. William had walked off with Papa because he knew exactly where coffee hour with the snacks was.

On the way out I noticed stars hanging from the ceiling with the children's names on them. Cool.

More play.

William emptied the whole toy box and climbed in. More fun.

He showed us what he could do.

Last night before we have to leave. Since we didn't want any leftovers we went to Ruby Tuesday's.

On the drive home to Richmond the next day, we had picnic lunch at exit # 77. This time there was electricity and we could pump gas. Not like last time when I was driving back by myself.

As soon as we were back in the car I noticed this hitchhiker crawling up my pants. Needless to say he didn't make it all the way to Richmond with us.

Now, what kind of a winter can we expect?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mother taught me

Sophie from Block Lotto ask us in Lotto Linky to share a favorite (or least favorite) sewing tool. Well, this is not exactly a "tool" but it is something I would never dream of sewing without. A little piece of leftover fabric!

My wonderful mother was a fur seamstress by trade. One of the best, no doubt about it. Of course she knew how to sew fabric too and she made many clothing items in her live. The most incredible dresses for my older sister and me, even bridal gowns for us and family or friends.

Her first and favorite sewing machine all her life was a Singer treadle machine, shiny black with gold lettering. It was her treasure but she never hesitated to let my sister and me use it to attempt making cloths for our dolls. There was always a small piece of fabric, folded double, under the sewing foot.
Well, you all know about chain sewing ... which makes a lot of sense. This is kind of like it. You never just pull whatever you have just sewed to have enough of the two threads so that you can cut them. I have seen that in many u-tube tutorials from quilt experts again and again. You drive onto this bit of fabric and snip. Voila!
Besides it being practical it can save a lot of thread over a lifetime.

You drive on ...

... and just snip. The sewing machine will be "parked" always with a piece like it under the foot.

And here is a video I just took visiting my daughter Helen in Nashville. She too does exactly like her Oma Ulla used to do. Good girl! Omi would be proud of her!

Monday, October 7, 2013

What a day

Yes, October 6 my dear James had a birthday and turned 71.

Since it was Sunday it was church in the morning of course. But before we left the house a congratulatory Viber call from England. Ah, technology.

Cake assembly in the afternoon and some other preparations. I had told James that Sarah had been able to change her afternoon shift to a morning one. She and Wade would come for dinner and Wade would do the grilling of burgers. What I had not told him was that I had invited a few more friends. Not many. Since I could not do much cooking without giving the secret away. The grilling of burgers was still the plan ... with some of my mixed salad ... and potato salad ... and Lali was bringing a bean salad with crab meat ... and Julie was bringing a cheese spread with crackers.

The time was 6 o'clock. Ah, no gate attendant and I had given Barbara and Rob the wrong code. They teased me without mercy telling me about 8 cars honking behind them. Oh dear ...

James was very surprised. With every arrival we had to add a chair and then a table. All very informal.

Lee was a little late. He had a flat tire. What else can happen?

Oh yeah! When Wade wanted to start grilling the burgers ... the gas grill was a grill without gas. At least the meat was not on it yet. We decided on a vegetarian dinner. I love my family and friends. All so easy. It was a lovely evening. Don't know why everybody looks so serious in the pictures. We had a lot of fun. And can you imagine ... October ... and we can sit outside in the evening and be VERY comfortable.

The birthday cake was a huge success. Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. James always liked it. In our almost 38 years of marriage I have made it a few times. The recipe copied from my most important German cookbook ... with handwritten notes about ingredients, measurements and temperature.

Yes, the most important ingredient! Ha-ha.


I promised to share the recipe in this blog. I have written it the way it makes sense to do. The easiest way possible. Years of experience, ha-ha. Enjoy! 
Here is the recipe!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Demonstrating worthwhile

The COLONIAL LACEMAKERS (my lace friends) were invited to demonstrate making lace at the Virginia State Fair. So there we were from 10 am till 2 pm yesterday.

We even made it into the State Fair Daily Thrill Guide!

It started "slowly" but there was a steady stream and a lot of interest. Of course when we were very busy I couldn't take any photos.

This girl in the hot pink shirt was very excited about it. I think she would have loved to take a pillow home. Carolyn had brought a pillow with the beginner's pattern were people could try it.

It was very popular.
The lighting in the hall was not great but we had brought our own. Not just for our own sake but so visitors could see what we were doing.

We took turns eating lunch. Here is my polish sausage with a view.

Sometimes it was crowded ... up to when it was time to pack up.

The Arts and Crafts Hall had lots of interesting things to see but there was no time. I did take a quick look at the quilts though. Had too. This is the best of show! Really?

One day I want to be able to do my own quilting just like this!

Might have to use some butterflies in a quilt one day.

Wild looking. Very busy. All tiny I-spy houses.

This quilter must have had fun with this. Happy chickens.

James had come to look around a little and pick me up. We wandered around a little and saw the giraffe, the llamas and alpacas ( sooooo soft) and shared a funnel cake. I forgot to take more photos. Oh well ... It was fun.
And concerning the lace demonstrating: it was worthwhile. Several ladies were very excited and wanted contact info from us. I am fairly sure that we will hear from somebody. I showed mainly tatting and hope I helped several along who got stuck with it at home.