Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It is not a secret

No, there is no denying!

Who's belly is this you might ask?
Yup, William is going to get a cousin. James and I are going to become grandparents a second time.

Sarah and Wade are so excited!

They told us shortly before Easter. They had invited us for dinner after their return from vacation. After arrival Sarah told us we needed to help with some Easter eggs (blown out empty ones) for hanging as decoration. We each took one and dipped it into a color of our choosing. When I took mine out again I found that it had some writing on it ...

We took the eggs home and they had to live in James' office ever since. We could not hang them up right away on the Easter egg branches before at that time it was still a secret.

The eggs said:
Baby Waller
Hatching Nov 2013

I bet you could have heard me shriek three blocks away!

And then when Sarah was far enough along and an ultrasound revealed the gender, Sarah and Wade sent out these cards to friends and relatives far away:

Especially our relatives are so far away. As we like to know what is going on in their lives so we are all sure though that they want to know what is going on in ours. And, of course, prayers for a good pregnancy and safe delivery are very much appreciated. And so far so good! Doesn't she look cute?

Ah, and yes, here is the reveal: 

I am very happy to watch Sarah "grow" into motherhood. She handles this as anything else: cool and collected. And yes, the nesting instinct has kicked in. The house was evaluated which room should be the nursery. The "wii-room" was declared to be it. Some remodeling was done, a door from that room to a closet closed and an opening made from the closet to the master bedroom done. A great improvement.
Some choices for the paint for the nursery in the picture below. But none is the one. Wade's parents came to do the job. 

Now we are talking curtains. I think I am hired to sew roman shades. I better start googling for the know-how instructions now.


  1. Well done to Grandma and Grandad... such exciting news.

  2. You and James are very blessed! So happy for all of you!

  3. So happy to hear the news. Sarah and Wade will make such good parents! Next question: how will you ever split your grand
    baby addiction time between Virginia and Tennessee?

  4. Thanks, dear Friends! Yes, we feel very blessed!

  5. Here comes Caleb! How wonderful. You and James are two of the best grandparents I've ever known. William and Caleb are blessed little fellows!

    1. Your time will come, Kim. Exercise your back. They get heavy with time, ha-ha.