Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Feel good days

Last week we had just settled down for the evening when we received a call to help. It was after 7 pm and Wade and Sarah had to rush to the car dealer where they just had bought their new car a couple of weeks ago. Something had gone wrong with the contract but it was all resolved the next day. We met at the dealer and took Caleb over. It was close to his bedtime and he was confused ... especially since his favorite "Tuffy" was in Mommy's purse.

But ... nothing like stopping at a DQ ha-ha. He was o.k. with that. He was o.k. finishing his in the car with Omi helping him. At their house we played a little, he went into the bathtub, got dressed for bed and Papa just read the bedtime story when his parents walked in. Caleb went happily into his bed.




James is back into his routine to stay fit. He starts accumulating his 10,000 steps early in the morning. Otherwise it gets too hot. I had asked him to shame me into rolling out of bed too to get going. It's going pretty well. Saturday we did our usual route and were halfway when we came to a bird in distress. He was struggling and rolling around on the sidewalk.

James scooped him (or her) up with both hands and tried to calm it down. The Robin was majorly entangled in a green plastic net. I was able to free the wings and feet but there were two loops around its neck I couldn't get. It pinched my finger with his beak once in the beginning and had become calmer but I was afraid to pull too hard. Scissors needed.



We walked around the block and found somebody in front his open garage. James knew him and he was very willing to get us the tool. With that it was no problem and the bird was free in no time. When James opened his hands it flew away in a split second. We were happy to see it head towards the area where we had found it and that nothing seems to be wrong with its flight.



We continued our walk but decided to wash our hands when we found a sprinkler sprinkling. Yes, always a good idea.



We had had a good walk and decided to have an out-of-the-ordinary breakfast. Soft-boiled eggs etc etc. had not done that in a long time and it was nice.



Saturday afternoon I went to Williamsburg to participate in a lacemaking demonstration at the library with my friends. I will probably report about that on my lace and quilt blog. I meddle in my quilting and lacemaking as often as I can.



  1. Yay, James – rescuer of wildlife!

    I’m interested in how you do your soft boiled eggs. I adore them and have had little success over the years – either MUCH too soft or too hard. I think I’ve finally found my method. But I’d like to hear about yours.

  2. I'd like her to hear about your method too. ;-)

  3. I bring (plenty of) water to a boil. Then I lower the eggs into it, usually a dozen. Set timer for 5 minutes (if they are straight out of a fridge may be a minute more). Turn stove off and take the eggs out you want soft and put in egg cups. Hit on top to crack and stop getting hard.
    I leave the pot with the rest on the burner until the water is cold and have perfect hard boiled for later and whenever.