Saturday, February 18, 2017

Up and down weather

Yup, it was cold when we got back to Virginia. We had Schatzi for the weekend and she wanted to go for a walk anyway.



See James' wooly hat? Yup, winter!



And when we brought Schatzi back Sunday afternoon we had a few minutes to say hello to these boys.




We also got this lovely photo from Helen. William got his yellow belt.

Ben saw the test and shared with us.

VIDEO William does it

VIDEO William gets his yellow belt

Needless to say we are so proud of him ... and green belt Helen!



And then on Feb 7 it was suddenly spring. We took right away adventage and went for a hike at the James River.



I write a weekly letter to William since he is such a great reader. I took these pictures for him. Lots of people enjoyed the weather too. Here a family with baby and dog.



A young woman working on her Mac.



A man playing his guitar high on the rocks.



You can see the guitar player high to the right. That was an interesting sign. Efforts are made to manage invasive non-native plants.




It was muddy though at this spot.



And then it was bitterly cold again. It's nice if you have something blooming inside.



The warm weather had woken up my daffodils. Luckily they were not killed by frost.



On and off when it's so cold I work inside on something. Here is my newest Chrismon: Angel with Trumpet. The pattern is posted on the Chrismon blog site (tab on top).



Yeah, another flower. They only bloom one day.



Called to help out. Sarah has to work till midnight and Wade has something work related too. The boys were fun. Caleb likes to help with his brothers and kiss them "good night". The twins are incredibly easy to put to bed. They almost asked to be put to bed. Light out. No peep.






Besides that ... the usual meetings and things to do. Time flies by.



  1. Lovely, lovely boys! The twins have grown so much since I last saw them!

    Congratulations to William on attaining his yellow belt!

    I love the new Chrismon! Is that a golf tee?

    1. Golf tee sprayed with 24 karat gold ... nothing goes past your eagle eye. Thanks