Monday, August 7, 2017

Motivation is everything

There was so much going on last week I forgot to blog about Wednesday. It was the day of my (quilt group) meeting "over the river" at 10 am. But James and I went to take care of Caleb because he couldn't go to day care. Fever and throw-up the day before. We arrived at 7:40 am with two cars so I could go to my meeting for a while. 

Caleb felt fine and was fun. My meeting not so much (they can't be all good) so I left early back to join James. A good thing that was because at lunchtime Wade brought Owen who now had a fever too. 

At the end of that day we were all worried whether it's going to be another round of misery. As you could see from my previous blog though ... all seems well, thank the Lord. 

AND ...   the decluttering continues. 

Sunday August 6 = 6 items

Monday August 7 = 7 items

Tuesday August 8 = 8 items

Wednesday August 9 = 9 items

More things pitched! Things had been rearranged from office to pantry (finally space there), from dining room to office. I had gone through a lot of drawers. 

But the real action took place on Monday right after breakfast in the garage. The perfect day since it was raining and it was a cooler day. With the door open all the time it was bearable. 

I had forgotten to take "before" pictures and one shelving is almost empty. I was just too eager to get started. We had been unhappy about the state of our garage for quite a while. 

The "garage effort" continued on Tuesday and Wednesday. And ... DONE!

What a great feeling. I know where my garden tools are and James sorted his tools. All golf stuff is in one place. Only the cart needs to be hung up. 

James went twice to the recycling place and twice to the dump. I call that success! And I count that decluttering towards Thursday August 10 = much much more then 10 items! And I am taking tomorrow off! (smiley face)

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  1. Fantastic. I used to do our shed twice a year. I think it's been at least 2 years since I've done it.