Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, James

Exciting times.
On the flight back home I thought whether James' sister Jane wouldn't like to visit for his birthday. We had a party planned on Saturday since 75 is one of "those numbers". We were all going to be together with Helen and Sarah and their families. 

Monday morning I called her when James had gone for a haircut ... crazy idea ... just asking ... 
She said "I am not saying NO yet". She had to look at her calendar of course. Few emails forth and back. In the evening I had her itinerary that she was coming Wednesday. I printed it out and gave it to James without comment when Sarah was here. Big eyes of surprise. 

So, on Wednesday we went from the State Fair straight to the airport to pick Jane up. Good flight. All went well. First thing she gave me though was this greeting card. She said that she couldn't resist. I think it is hilarious.

Thursday we grilled lunch. She certainly likes our weather. 

THE day! After lunch I found something in the freezer which pretends to be birthday cake. 

In the evening we were invited to Sarah & Co. 
Helen, Ben and William had arrived from Nashville there too. And they were spending two nights there. 

We all had our hands/arms full, ha-ha. 

After dinner: dessert outside!


Last minute things to do before the party. 
I got 15 smiley face balloons from the Dollar Tree. 
Good thing that the car has outside mirrors. 

It's time!

A change right away!

And this made especially Omi happy!

Otherwise ... I was too busy and forgot about photos. We were 43!
The children loved the balloons. Should have taken a video. Should have. 

These photos courtesy of our friend Mike. Thanks. 

We all had a great time. 
This blog was requested by Kate and Dave in England who bitterly complained on Tuesday that there had been no photos yet. 

This morning (Wednesday) William also asked (out of the blue) whether I was writing a blog for him about how much fun we had. I do think though he meant the (weekly) letter I usually write to him. 

How did I do?. Everybody happy?


  1. Belated happy birthday James, what a great family and friends you have.

  2. You know you've had a good time when you look at your camera after a party and realize you haven't taken as many pictures as you "should" have!!