Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Two week ago

Yes, Tuesday October 23 - the Day! I was really wondering whether I should even blog about it, but it might be interesting to somebody who is facing this decision. Others can just as always click it away.

In the days before I have second-guessed my decision every other day (or hour). I didn't have that much pain during regular daily living. But as soon as I tried to do a longer walk it became clear that I just couldn't do that any more. Since the specialist had told me in no uncertain terms that sometime in my life I will need a new knee I had decided to do it sooner than later when my muscles are still useful in the recovery.

Be there at 9:15 am, surgery at 11:15 am. I must say that the whole thing was as good an experience  as it could possibly be. Everybody involved from the receptionist to the head doctor was friendly and caring. I was supposed to get a spinal instead of a full anesthesia but I was allergic and had a very awful reaction (having to throw up violently being prepped - all I can remember) that I ended up getting the full one.

Next thing I know I am in the room. And at 5:30 pm the physical therapist is standing me onto my feet

... and walking down the hall.

James was very encouraged to stay too. There was even a Murphy bed for him but I insisted that he go home for the night. We both selected our meals from a menu. Very nice. 

Oh my, this looks like a meal for me.

This was more what I had ordered.

Next day, more walking of course. Graduated to crutches.

I was told that I was doing so well, I even got the lesson on the steps. I had passed all the tests but it was too late to go home so I had to stay another night.

Home at last on Thursday. And now James is spoiling me to the max. I have a picture without the giant bandaid but I spare you that. This I thought was interesting. Quilters probably can guess what the lines are for? They are drawn before the cut so the skin can be lined up properly afterwards. Caleb was very interested in that fact. 

Family and friends are so nice to me. I got cards and well wishes in the mail and flowers from the girls, neighbors and our church. Everybody was so concerned about us. We also got meals brought.

James told me several times: "Get out of my kitchen". He fixed anything I wanted, sweet husband.

The days were filled out with icing the knee, managing the medicine, doing the exercises. I am trying to be a really good patient. Not lying, I had funner days. But every day it seems better. At least two steps forward and only one back. I even managed to finish the angels for the St. Martin's Holiday Market on Nov.3

But, I had/have to miss things too, even before the operation. I was warned not to get any bug bites. 
October 19 I had to miss going with James, Sarah and the children to a pumpkin patch. Never have been to one either. Next year? I enjoyed looking at the photos though. 

Saturday October 27 our church had a Fall Festival. James came back full of how great it was. There was even a petting zoo. 

The children are unpredictable. This time Owen was happy to touch the donkey.


And then he was so proud of himself.

Caleb and Colin were so eager, excited and happy to ride the pony. Owen ... no way.

But the best is when Helen or Sarah do FaceTime with me. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of Helen and William during it. But here is a postcard William wrote and mailed. It's an effort for a third grader but he did a great job.

So far: no regrets!
Oh yes, I am blessed, blessed, blessed. 

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  1. That close-up of the three boys is fantastic. Worthy of being blown up and put on a wall! Really excellent photography.

    "Quilters probably can guess what the lines are for? They are drawn before the cut so the skin can be lined up properly afterwards. Caleb was very interested in that fact." I was also very interested in that fact. I had no idea, but how very clever.