Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peru Trip Day 6

Saturday October 29, 2011

It rained all night. You could hear it on the roof and the skylight windows. James decided that it was no use to go up to the Sungate if there was no view.

We went to breakfast.

The hotel has it's own "tea plantation". Love those tea-bags.

The landscape is very nice.

If you want to know more about the hotel click here.

Our room on the left.

View from the front door.

View from the back window. Is this lucuma fruit? Couldn't find out.

That tree in the middle.

Our guides tell us that they will take anybody from the group for that second visit to Machu Picchu despite the rain so we decide to go. After all, the bus and entry tickets were already bought. Might as well use them.

Once we are  up we find out that the llamas and alpacas DO shower.

I call them "lawnmowers".

Today Machu Picchu looks so different from yesterday. The Mountains are mystic. Somehow it gives us a good idea that Inca life was not always sunshine.

Today we are exploring a different part of this huge estate.

Look how the existing boulders are included with the building.

Suddenly we see a Peruvian chinchilla rabbit (viscacha) in this wall. Can you find it?

I had to ask a fellow traveler to shelter me with his umbrella because otherwise I could not point up the camera in the rain.



These stones are representing a condor and it was a holy place for the mummies.

The condor's head on the ground.

There were two ways to continue the walk. We talk the narrow one.

You had to be there to see and appreciate the genius construction of everything. Always considering what tools they had ... or NOT had.

We go back in time for lunch in our hotel. We can order of a menu. I had Causa de pescado as appetizer. Cold layered potato dish with rocoto pepper mayonnaise, avocado and salsa criolla.

James had the Solterito. Cooked vegetable cold salad.

Main course: Quinoa-crusted chicken with balsamic teriyaki.

A still-life. I was in a hurry so it is out of focus. Sorry. We were leaving for the train station.

In the train again. The ticket said we were supposed to be at the train station at 14:50 for the train to leave at 15:20.

The weather is not bad but there are clouds.
La Veronika (the mountain) somewhere?

This time we sit differently. 4 people facing with a table. First we get a snack. Then we get entertainment. Very loud music is being played and a dressed up person keeps dancing in the aisle.

Then the steward and stewardess model llama and alpaca clothing which are for sale. Definitely high-end closing.

Mary decides to model too.

This way the 3 1/2 hours pass quickly. I love looking out of the window too. But it gets dark early. One part of it is very amazing because the train does 'switch back'. In order to get higher up the mountain quickly the rails are laid in a zig zag so the train goes forth and back a few times. It was built by the British in the 1800's.

We arrive in Cusco in the rain and two smaller buses take us to the hotel in the heart of the city. Larger buses are not allowed there. Finally in our rooms all we wanted was a hot shower. Dinner would have been on our own tonight so we skipped that because we were not hungry.

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