Monday, November 7, 2011

Something to celebrate!

My grandparents went to Peru and all I got is this t-shirt.

No, no no. There was more.

Helen and William picked us up from the airport. We were "only" about 3 hours late. Thanks for cell phones.

A Peruvian hat. Reversible too. And with ear flaps.  He didn't want to try it on in the living-room. This was the fifth attempt to take a picture. But he is very happy to wear it when Grandpa takes him for a walk..

And then Grandpa introduces Cuy. I think the video is very funny.  Click here.
 First he was a bit shy.

But he really likes the softness and now even cuddles with Cuy.

Trying on the new vest. Baby alpaca wool (so they said).

Shawls for my girls and me.

More shawls for my girls and me.

One day we went out to eat. William loves his Olive Garden cup. He even points to it with his curvy little finger and Helen had to pour the water from one cup into this one. Then he drank it.

Grandpa still has the touch. A little walk ...

... and Omi can lift William out and put him into his bed for a nice nap.

This is the day!!! William is all ready to help celebrate his Mommy's achievement.

It was a lovely day (Sunday afternoon) and William likes the improved deck. He didn't want to come back in.

But, there was cake. Ben had organized an especially baked for Helen Mexican tres-leche cake.

Joy, Jessie and Helen's good friend Kim helped celebrate too. It was so nice.

He doesn't get sweets very often.

But he probably could have eaten the whole cake.

Yes, what did we celebrate? Helen has successfully completed her schooling and is now a teacher for English as a second language ... with a shining A.
Hard work! We are all so proud of her.

Guess who stole the show at the party though ???
Click here to see William taking walking the easy way.
 Later Grandpa and Omi had to pack. He has outgrown this and we are taking it back to Virginia. But he wasn't happy about it and complained when Grandpa collapsed it. He tried to climb back into it. Yup, definitely outgrown.

Helen and I had a last minute project. November Block Lotto: Scrappy trip around the world. This is Helen's.

This is mine.

Neither one of us won in October. Keep your fingers crossed for this month. Ah, we just had fun doing it though. It is nice to feel having something completed successfully.

Got up at 5 am in Nashville and now we are back in Virginia having driven about 10 hours (including breaks). Unpacked the car, had supper but ... putting everything in its proper place has to wait til tomorrow. Yeah!

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  1. Talk about whirlwinds! You two are amazing! I love the video of William meeting Cuy!