Saturday, March 3, 2012

Visit in Nashville

The weather could not be any stranger. T-shirt weather sometimes. Gorgeous! Rain coming down like from buckets sometimes. And then, yesterday, James and I, Helen and William were ready to take shelter in the 'powder room' under the stairs. Williams blanket and toys were already there ... and flashlights. The tornado warnings were very scary. But luckily all was fine for us. Our hearts go out to those who were devastated though.

Monday Feb 27: Centennial Park is ideal on a beautiful day. And we took a picnic with us.
First of course William needs to do his thing on the play ground.
 Sliding down the tunnel.

Mommy says you need to sit down and lay back to slide.

 He is a pro in laying back.
 Most of these pictures were taken by Helen. Super job, Helen.

She also took some lovely videos:

Click here!

Click here!

Click here!

Yes, picnic! Numnum! (William's word for food).

 To watch a video  click here.
More play ground. William wasn't done yet.

William so enjoyed running free on the big lawn. Here are some really cute videos: (first three from Helen)

Click here!

Click here!

Click here!

Click here!
Back to the car past the Parthenon.

We got to help Helen out with a lot of baby sitting. William is an excellent player.

William loves meal times!

Here he is trying out spaghetti!

He is getting better every day with the spoon. Applesauce! (third try video)
In case you wonder about this picture. We took a walk with William in the stroller in our neighborhood. The creek runs next to the road at one point. Beavers! Several signs of their 'work'. 
After the walk we enjoyed the back patio.

William found a 'new toy'.

See the video!

Life is fun!
Life is good!

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