Sunday, February 26, 2012

What does Helen know I didn't?

We almost regretted our trip to Florida because weather in Virginia wasn't really that wintery. Oh, well ...

It came down on Sunday evening the 19th.

In no time there was a blanket over everything. Quite cozy. 
Monday morning. Yes, we don't really have to do the snow removal ourselves, but James felt like it ... instead of going to the gym.
Yes, that's me. Standing in the garage with a cup of tea, haha.
My poor daffodils. Happy to report that they survived it though.

Ash Wednesday! James and I packed the car, went to the 7:30 am service at our church and went on the road to Nashville from there.

William wanted to see Grandpa and Omi again. We had not seen him in a while.

Helen came over with him in the evening. Silly me took only one picture.

It is heartwarming how his face lights up when he sees us.
Thursday and Friday we went at 10 am to pick him up. He was waiting for us at his door with his 'laptop'.
 Grandpa is the buckle-upper.
 Yeah, playtime.

Friday we went to the Olive Garden in Mt Juliet for a late lunch. You can take that child anywhere. He is so good.
And this is the most amazing thing. Yes, what does Helen know I didn't? After lunch you change him, lay him down and tell him it's nap-time. Grandpa puts a little elevator music on his iPad, William talkes a little and then just talls asleep. I couldn't do that with my children.

And yes, this is a German baby sleeping sack. His great-grandmother sewed this one for his mother. Or was it for his Aunt? Have to dig up some pictures.
Sleeping in the middle of things!

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  1. So glad you got to see William (and Helen & Ben)! He's looking more grown up- so sweet.

    I fully agree with Helen- getting Cooper on a napping schedule when he was little was the best thing we could have done!!