Monday, August 6, 2012

Just a little more time

Helen thought we would need a little time to recover after having William for two overnights. Saturday mornings she teaches and that is Ben's special time with William.

But Saturday lunch was a bit lonely. We are used that the little guy is livening up our place.
Sunday we met Helen and William at the church as always and then we took him with us because Helen had some errands to do.

After lunch he takes a nice long nap. Here the sleeping-sack is off and we have to find his shirt and shorts again.
Helen took this photo and the next. She called them 'twinkies' because Grandpa and William wore matching cloth (almost).

Grandpa could not quite remember the words to the rhyme riding a horse ...
 ... but William really didn't care. He loved 'falling into the ditch'.

See video here!

Sunday evening we wanted to spend time together with a grilled dinner on our back porch. Steaks and portabella mushrooms. Since Helen does not eat meat, we had grilled salmon for her the previous evening: wrapped in foil and grilled 10 minutes on both sides. It's a no-fail way to do it.

And then it was time to say good-bye again for a while. When Helen put William in the car he cried all the way home. It does a grandparent's heart kind of good.

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