Friday, August 3, 2012

Three Days and Two Nights

William's first overnighter without his parents. Yes, William seems comfortable with us. Helen and Ben decided to let us take care of him while they took a well-deserved mini-vacation in Gatlinburg.

Wednesday August 1st:
We picked William up from their house in time to go to the Nashville Library's "Mother Goose on the Loose" time. We didn't use a stroller because he loves to walk.
We had to wait for it to start. They have funny chairs there.
A nice program for his age. Unfortunate that they arrange it so you couldn't see very well because you were looking against the light.
William was very interested watching everything and is cute participating.
Afterwards he loved running around in the courtyard. 

Then we had to make a stop at Home Depot.
... and Kroger. What a big help William is.
We had lots of playtime at home too. Children always seem to like boxes best.

We must confess that we watched some of the Olympic games too. But we tried to keep it to a minimum.
Thursday August 2nd:
We had a great night. William loved his bath, Grandpa's book reading and had no problem falling asleep. This picture was taken in the morning to send to his mother. I was afraid he might wake up and be scared that he was not in his surrounding but no problem there either.
Waiting for Grandpa and Omi to be dressed as well.

And then off we went to Cheekwood Botanical Garden where there was a special display of treehouses. 
This was # 2 of 7
These steps were a little awkward for toddlers.
 # 3 the Conch House
James had more trouble getting into it than William.

William loves to explore.
The Jolly Roger was a no go for William because the access was rope ladders (too difficult) and adults were not allowed.
This one he loved!!! He ran up the way by himself several times ...

(see video)
He wanted to do this again and again and again ...

He learned very quickly that if he turned around on his belly, he went down faster. He giggled and laughed so much that the other parents really enjoyed it too. He seemed to be the kid having the most fun.

See video!
 Another treehouse (?) ... the Rainbow Fish. But William didn't want anything to do with it. That suited us o.k. because there was a long line to get in.

We had arrived there at 9:30 am when Cheekwood opened but by now there were LOTS of children.
He was interested in the pond shore though.

Off to the "Ocean of Notions" which looked more like a giant ball of thread to me. Well, you know how I love thread !!!

After looking all 7 "treehouses" we were drenched in sweat and decided it had been great. When you are year-round members, you don't feel like you have to stay all day just to get "your money's worth". Go more often!

Rest of the day was taken with lunch, nap, lots of playing, bath time, reading time, rocking to sleep time.
Friday August 3rd:
This night didn't go as well as the first. He must have dreamed badly because I heard him shortly after 1 am. He never woke up but Omi sure did for 1 1/2 hours. Then he really woke up at 4:40 am, needed his diaper changed (in the dark) and was bright-eyed and happy as can be. A little time in the 'big bed' seems to be nice.
Ha, the box is still very attractive. 
Waiting for Mommy and Pops. After a late-morning nap, lots of playing but no afternoon nap. Grandparents are sorry ... tried to 'return' him on a good schedule!

Ah, missing a little sleep is worth it when you get a hug like this!!!

Thanks, Ben and Helen, for trusting us with your precious child.

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  1. What a lovely treat for all of you! And I was amazed at the 'treehouses'!