Sunday, September 30, 2012

England Day 3 + 4

Saturday September 28

Jane had things to do this morning and we didn't really have any concrete plans. So we decided to go up to the town and see the band. At 10:50 each weekday(in summer) a band leaves the barracks and marches up to the castle for the changing of the guards. Whenever we visit we have to go and then march along with the band.

Here is a video of the band coming out.
It's not so easy to run along because of all the prams (baby strollers) but James has years of experience.

And more video.
The regiment changes every so often so the uniforms are different too ... and it depends on the weather of course. Look at those spurs!
Windsor Castle.
We used enough time shopping that we were just right when the band came back.

And another video.
So we went along to see the castle from the Longwalk. Sorry, forgot to take a photo, but James is in front of "The Two Brewers" where Maren (and several other family members) remembers having had a lovely dinner. 
On the way back to Jane's house I saw this in somebody's front yard ... rose-hips. My friend Julie might like this picture.

In the evening I used my time to finish the quilt for my sister Ute. It's a surprise but I can talk about it because she "doesn't do computers". I had worked on it last week and it almost gave me the fits but in the end I got it done except for the hand sewing part of the binding. She had told me some time ago when I had told her about the map I had used for William's quilt that she would like one too. 

I found that a quilt I had pieced (2007) in Singapore that the colors fit quite nicely and it needed to be finished. It was my very first kaleidoscope pattern ever. Fabric bought in Singapore's China town.

I am so pleased that it is now finished and it will be mailed in a few days.

Sunday September 30

James and I were so pleased that it worked out that we could attend a Sunday service at St Stephen's Church. This is the church were he was baptised and confirmed and many other family events had taken place. While Jane was busy with some of her duties after the service I went outside to take a picture with Cui so he can tell William all about it. This is were we celebrated the blessings of his parents' wedding and his (future) mom looked so beautiful as a bride.

 Aunt Jane said this was her Uncle Mike's doing ... the fire extinction tools.
The side altar. Lace pictures for my lacemaking friends.

One day William is going to see the plaques in memory of his Great-grandparents and his Great-great-grandmother.

Back to Jane's house. This picture does not capture all her beautiful flowers. Got to take it again.
And off to lunch at "The Bexley Arms" with Father Ainsley and his daughter Anna.

And then off to Christchurch. The drive is about 1 1/2 hours.

Look what Jane is overtaking.
Jane brought two boxes of old photos to Kate and Dave's house she had found. A good opportunity since the siblings are getting together.

There are treasurers in those boxes. This is Alec Christina Burr with Jane and James. Chubby little baby my husband was, right?

Here are (from left) Tita, Kate, Jane and James. The guess is that James is about 11 or 12 here.

Dave took James and me quickly to the place where we are going to celebrate. It is perfect and we will have a great time. Oh, how I will miss my children.

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