Tuesday, October 2, 2012

England Day 5 + 6

Monday October 1

Yesterday afternoon Jane drove the three of us to Christchurch. James and Jane's sister Kate lives here with husband David. Dave does beautiful woodwork. Last night he presented James with his birthday present (more about it later) but it is made from this wood - - English yew!

We were all up early. Kate the earliest because she brought Jane to the airport to fly with Ryan Air to Gerona/Spain. That is where their nephew Francis lives with his family. Their other sister Tita and Robert (Francis' parents) are visiting there right now. We already got the report that Jane arrived safely, the weather is lovely and warm and she had a swim in the ocean. 
We packed Kate and Dave's car. They have arranged for a cabin in Cornwall.
Halfway there we have a break for coffee (elevenses).
Almost there we stop at a Morrison Supermarket. Kate and Dave have been at this resort already several times with other golfing friends and know their way around.
James and I just liked to look around. Look at this display of seafood.
Behind the cashiers were lockers for your whole shopping card if you wanted to go to the cafe.
We had bought pasties for lunch but since our cabin was not ready yet (is was supposed to be) we ate in the car. Ah, cornish pasties ...
Unpacking the car.
Mmhh, I don't think taking a panorama picture works all the time. Rather distorted. But here is the front.

And here is the back overlooking the golf course.

When the sun is shining it is lovely and warm.

From the golf course towards the cabin.

After we had a cup of tea we decided that the weather was too nice to waste and we went out to play our first round of golf. It is only a 9 hole course.
Neither James nor I had touched a club this year yet but we had a good excuse for not doing so well because we shared a primitive set rented from the place. But ... we had a lot of fun anyway.
The badgers are doing a bad number on the course. Ha-ha, another excuse?

I so love the countryside though.
The cabin has heaters in every room and was very comfortably cozy when we came back in out of the gaily wind. Time for refreshments.
Dave suddenly shouts out: Look at that rainbow! Yes, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Kate has all the meals planned and here is dessert after a delicious meal of quiche (made by Dave), jacket potato and salad.

Tuesday October 2

Wow, we had a great nights sleep and were on the golf course again at 9:15. Again, consensus was that good weather could not be wasted.
We did have the occasional drop but overall another great round. Kate and I agreed that we had already improved since yesterday.

And again, no time wasted and off to see Port Isaac. This is the little village in which the TV program "Doc Martin" is being filmed. PBS fans surely will have seen it. It is excellent! We just parked the car and are walking down to the harbor.

 I can see Doc Martin's surgery from here!
 It is low tide so all the boats are sitting on the mud

We were ready for lunch. James had a warm pasty and we had a lovely carrots and coriander soup. The choice of the rolls was granary or seedy. I had seedy. Very nice.
You can see Doc Martin's surgery from here. See the large house in the middle? It is just in front of it on the left side.

 Kate and Dave in front of it.

From the house looking to the opposite side of the bay. Obviously it is low tide.

The above picture was taken by James ... a panorama feature on this new phone.

Looking back up "his" street. Only one of many narrow streets.

I could have spent a lot of time there. A nice place. But the weather was getting ominous so we made our way back to the car and cabin.
At the cabin I took a photo from the road atlas and put the places in. 
And this is it for now. We don't have internet in the cabin. James and I had to go to the recreation building to do this blog ... and it is cold in here!

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