Sunday, March 24, 2013

Royal Visitors

William and his mother are visiting. No, not this William.

Daughter Helen and her son William arrived from Nashville on Thursday. It was rather late but William is an excellent traveler - - like his mother always was. He was waiting for the suitcase.

And he knew which one it was and told Grandpa so he could take it off.

Friday morning he investigated the guest room. He found the Taco Bell dog which my friend Lise had given me several years ago. The dog says: !Yo Quiero Taco Bell! William thought it was so funny. For short video click here!

Friday is Auntie Sarah's day off so she came to spend time with us. Click here for short video of the new game they played. Auntie brought her super camera and took some very nice photos of William. We hope that we can see them on her blog sometime soon too.

Saturday Auntie had to work and Grandpa volunteered at the church. So Helen, William and I did a few errands but ... William kept asking for Grandpa. We had to promise that we would meet him at lunch. We went to a Vietnamese Pho Noodle place. William likes chop sticks.  
Proof is in the video!
And another one!

When we were finished Helen thought I should take a picture of him. Noodles were everywhere. The picture really doesn't show it. It was so funny. Other guests thought so too.

When William takes a nap, Helen and I work a little in my queendom. Here Helen is taking the first step of layering her quilt. More about it later.

When William woke up from his nap the weather seemed so nice that Grandpa, Omi and William went for a walk in the neighborhood. We did a big round with the jeep stroller but then William  enjoyed a good run on the grass.

Sunday morning. Weather is not so great and the forecast is horrible. Palm Sunday procession even has to start in the parish hall. Afterwards we have to wait for Grandpa who has teller duty. William is a very good sport about it. Especially after the doughnut.

He found the piano. No doubt he likes music. Yes, a video here!

What a change to yesterday. Late afternoon it starts snowing. Helen got her wish. William is excited.

We don't have the right clothes or shoes to really play in the snow but Omi made a 30-second-snowman ... with raisins eyes and carrot nose. William didn't know what to think about the huge snow flakes landing on his face.

Helen took a 10 second video!

William seems to be battling a cold. He is not feeling well. So at bedtime he has a melt-down. Quick thinking necessary.  We looked at the snowman again. He had fallen over. Ah, the snowman had gone to bed ... like William should. We took part of the snowman and put him into the bathtub. William found it very interesting what happened when we drew his bath.

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