Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Back in VA and trying to get back into the groove.

We drove all day Monday, unpacked and sorted and washed on Tuesday. On Wednesday we got Jimmy and Schatzi from the dog hotel. Sarah and Wade were on vacation this week and we had promised to have the grand dogs.

They are both good dogs but it started out with Jimmy finding a bag of gingerbread cookies. I found just a little of the bag left. Did that innocent looking dog really do that?

Well, a long time before each meal Jimmy would wait next to his bowl. If you would ask "where is Jimmy?" the answer was probably "next to his bowl"

They never refused going for a walk ... but the weather was so awful that week.

Cold!!! Nevertheless, one or two times each day. That was good for us.

And the daily visit to Edy to give her some loving. She did her nickname proud "Needy Edy". She purred so loudly you probably could hear it two blocks away.

Saturday I left a little welcome snack since Sarah and Wade were coming back around midnight. Not sure whether Edy approves or whether she is going to do like her brother Jimmy would?

Since I am not used to the dogs and they wanted to follow me whenever I got up to just get something, I settled down and did some lace projects. Finishing up some tatting I had started traveling.
This pattern "Heart's Desire" is from Susan Fuller.

This patter "Rosemarie's Heart" is from Rosemarie Peel.

Thanks to both for generously sharing!!!

When I made the first heart with this pattern my thread was too thin and it was very small. But I like delicate thread so I made it again and added a row before I made the edge (as the pattern suggested you could do). I felt though that I needed to add some extra stitches/picots in some places of the edge to give it a rounder look. You can see the difference because the right side has only three picots in the middle and the left side five. Some areas at the sides too.

I am very excited about this project ... Chrismons in Lace!

You can read all about it in the HLG newsletter.
(Actually, I posted that page on the left but unfortunately it is a bit fuzzy)
Info about the Heartland Lace Guild here.

The Butterfly is the first in the series of "Chrismons in Lace".

Yes, the second one is ready. 
The Six-Point Star of David.


And the third too.
The Dove of Peace.

Since the dogs are gone I am trying desperately to get some order into my "queendom". Some progress has been made! And the weather is helpful.
It is the 6th of March!
In like a lion ...

And now ... no more blogging! I have to work on the church anniversary banner. Wish me luck!

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