Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wine tour

The Wine Club in our community had offered participation in a winery tour on Friday November 7. James and I signed up too. We were 17 in a comfortable small bus. The bus left at 8:30 am and it took about 90 minutes to the first place close to Charlottesville.

# 1

White Hall Vineyards

We were a little early so had to wait just a little on the bus. And then they were ready.



The wines were very nice. A bit early though. I should have had a more solid breakfast.



Glasses were not included in the tasting ... but of course you could buy one if you wanted to.



Just in back of the tasting was a big window where we could look down into some of the production. Very interesting.



# 2

King Family Vineyard

James and I had been here a few months ago when it was warmer and very much enjoyed it then. And we enjoyed this visit too.




The wines were very nice.



After the tasting we had our picnics in their nice lounge. Lovely and warm, thanks to the fireplace. Glasses were included in the tasting and we could use them at lunch time.




Loved the turkey next to the front door. Sent a picture to my metal sign making SIL. Just a suggestion.




# 3

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

The grounds were beautiful but the place was really more like a restaurant then a tasting. And they were not prepared for us.





After quite a while we were ushered into the loft. Not very comfortable. We tried 4 wines which nobody liked. Glasses not included, of course.



When we left I tried improving the first photo I had taken on arrival. The sun was shining!



# 4

First Colony Winery

A really nice place. Great way to round out this day. The wines were great (James and I bought some). The two taking care of us were very nice and knowledgable ... and fun.





We also got a tour "behind the scenes". The reason why these barrels have a redish band is because they contain red wine ... and that's what they are stained with. Spills happen and then they look blotchy without it.



Some of the roof was actually Thatched recently. It looked very nice. We were told that there are only 5 Master Thatchers in the USA. The edging on the top of the roof is the Thatchers "signature". Didn't know that.



It was nice that we didn't have to do the driving back home ourselves. It was dark when we arrived. We got to get to know some of our neighbors a little better and it was fun. Nice day.


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  1. I've never been to any of those wineries and I'd love to visit. We've been to a few and it makes a lovely day. And if there is any better time to tour around the countryside of central VA than fall, I don't know when it would be!