Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 44

This week was mainly taken up with preparations for our church's Holiday Market on November 1st. Vendors had paid to reserve tables but the church ladies had also worked hard on making things for our craft table. I had volunteered to meet for several Sunday afternoons at the church and lead the making of more of the Chrismons the children had received as gifts in years past. By now it has been already 6 years which means 6 different Chrismons. October 26 was the last Sunday for the workshops. As always I forgot to take pictures. A comment was made that with the table so empty it looks like that nothing was accomplished. But most things had already been cleared away when I remembered. The workshop times had been wonderful fellowships. We might start earlier next year.

The ladies had been busy to do all the cutting. All I had to do at home is the weaving. And hot glue the hangers. And the bending of the last two Chrismons.

The weather this week was very diverse. From glorious to horrible (well, it is Autumn). On the weekend we even could grill and have lunch outside sitting under the awning.

After the workshop on Sunday it was so nice that we went for one of our fast walks in the neighborhood. Had to stop to take this picture though. Isn't it cute?

But since we had changed to wintertime it was dark when we got back. Don't like that.

With all that business we should not neglect to enjoy things around us. Look at my hibiscus. Had to lay down on the floor though to take this picture. Too bad each flower only lasts one day. But then there is also the anticipation when you see the bud forming.

Sarah had a free day on Monday but she still felt really bad with her "daycare cold". So I went over to her house to keep her a little company. Wade had dropped Caleb off at the daycare since he felt great again and wanted to play. Sarah said that she should try to do three things that day ... of which picking up the dog poop in the backyard was one (Wade wanted to mow when he came home in the evening). The sun was so lovely that I got the urge to try a little garden work. I remembered that I actually liked mowing once in a while ... a long time ago. It was fun and didn't take long at all.

Sarah then insisted on doing the front which made me feel bad since she was so sick.

On Monday everybody was talking about "the launch". James found a link for life watching and sent it to Helen because William is so interested in science and especially things with have to do with space, stars, planets, earth etc. Guess what he did the rest of the evening. Helen texted this photo.

Texted a photo back. Not really my cup-of-tea but it seems to be contagious. I had to watch too ... until it was scratched. Nevertheless, my father (Williams great grandfather) would have been proud. Especially of him.

Can't help it. Love a challenge. Have tried four different woven hearts so far. Don't care about the bottom left one but the other three are very nice.

And I finally made the requested name appliqué for Catherine too. Finished and on the way to England. It was a learning piece for me. Have not done much appliqué. The iron on looks nice but wouldn't do by itself. I asked at the quilt shop. To be washable I needed to stitch around.

I had borrowed Sarah's Cricut machine to make stencils for the letters and the numbers for my "Chrismons in lace advent calendar" project. Cutting those out is a good job while watching some TV. Have not figured out how to make those round things. I know exactly what I want them to look like. Sigh.

Friday! Sarah was really off this time. She invited us to lunch at their country club. The month-end thing. We were happy to oblige. Caleb was just like an owl. Amazing how far he could turn his head left or right, even without turning his whole body. He sure doesn't like to miss anything.

When our plates came they had a spear of pickle as well. Now, we all know how much Sarah likes pickles. Her grandpa joked that she needed to sit at the other end of the table because he couldn't stand the pickle smell. We wanted to know Caleb's opinion.

So I took a VIDEO. I think it is not conclusive. He always makes a face when he tries something new. He definitely does not NOT like it. It would have come out again. So funny.

At 3 pm I was supposed to be at the church to help set-up for next day Holiday Market. Ha, I only really did take one photo. Another good fellowship time.

Took a picture of the spring wreath though another member had made. Can you believe it? Didn't sell?

I had made this wall hanging. Didn't know how to price it so we raffled it. Tickets were $1. Turned out that it was a good choice to do it that way.

A sample how the winner could decorate it. Or leave it as is.

And no pictures from the event itself. We had a good time and it was very successful. Fellow member Joanne S. won the wall-hanging on Sunday and was happy too.


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  1. I loved Caleb’s pickle video! Like Sarah, Jessica and I were big pickle lovers. On long grocery store trips, I would placate Jess by stopping by the deli for one of those giant garlic pickles which she would happily gnaw on for the entire trip! I never heard what the raffle total was. I think the Market was truly successful and a LOT of that success is due to you, my dear!