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The weekend in D.C. was a nice "chiller" but then it got hectic again. December 21 (4th Sunday of Advent) was Chrismon Sunday at our church. That's when I give a miniature Chrismon to every child of St Martin's. They have received a card each inviting them to claim it. You can click on the tab "About my Chrismons" in the header of this blog and can find out all about it. This year's ornament was the Bottony Cross.
Finally they are all ready at the door. This is the 7th year I am doing this in this congregation (we moved here in 2008).

During the children's sermon Father Lee explains the symbol to the littlest ones.

I am proud of Helen. She started the same in her new church and gifted the Star of David to the children there. Her new friends were very excited about it and loved it.
Helen lives 600 miles away but she is good about keeping us in the loop. She texted this photo of "her men" picking out their tree.

Helen's photos of William as a shepherd ... in the church pageant

... and in the preschool.

Another photo of William playing with the toy found in the Advent-calendar-sack from Papa and Omi.

Parts of the last days before Christmas were rough. Caleb seemed to have the stomach bug, his mother had it, then his father did, and then Omi. Luckily it's a 24hour thing.
Finally ... Christmas Eve! Some last minute things but after lunch James and I had to go for one of our "fast walks" in the neighborhood. The weather was gorgeous. A coat was needed but I was very comfortable in my "hiking sandals".

My pansies like this weather too.

We had plans to go with our friend Julie to Kim and Mike's open house, then come back and chill a little at her house and then go to the late service. Wade contacted James though that he and Caleb and his visiting parents wanted to go to the 5 pm service. Sarah had to work till 10 pm. So James joined them. Here they are all in "our" pew, the third from the front on the left.

Caleb wanted to go to the front for the children's sermon too so Papa took him. If you know where they are you can see them. I don't know who took the photos because I "stole" them from FB.

When James came back we did as planned. Julie, James and I had a great time at our friends Kim and Mike. Lots of lovely family and friends. Lots of good food. The decorations in the house where eye-candy too. So nice.
I love the late Christmas service. Carol music at 10:30 pm. Service starts at 11. James was serving and I had to think of Willam again. He always wonders why Papa has a dress on then, ha-ha.
Helen, Ben and William had gone to their late service too. Later she texted these photos. So precious.

Christmas Day. Nothing on the calendar until 4 or 5 pm when we are invited to Sarah's. We can open the gift from Helen and Ben though. James is taking a whiff of the wonderful coffee aroma. I have to wait to try my gifts out till after Christmas. They know I love gadgets.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this lonely bean in the bottom. Don't know how that got there. Nothing was leaking.

We were going to be 8 at the dinner (Caleb was in bed by then). James and I brought a card table and the two folding chairs we have. And salad.

First we did a lot of playing. Kathy took this picture. Mine is not half as good.

A demonstration of Caleb's gift from Kathy and Mike (his other grandparents).
A rocker!

High chair!

Desk! Made by Amish. Caleb was so fast on the move that he was always out of focus.

A gift came from an Uncle who has "real live" horses. Caleb likes his. I tried to make a VIDEO.

Wade is testing the tenderloins ... cooked to perfection. And seasoned to perfection too.

Main meal over of course we have fun with the crackers. A Burr Family tradition forever. Can't do without. (Helen sent some photos of the Christmas dinner with Ben's family. Guess what's on their heads? The box of crackers was an Advent sack gift.)
The jokes are corny, the trivia is lame and the little toys (?) but we had lots of laughter.

Next door neighbors Joy and David trying out one of the gifts (I think Sarah to Wade), a scalp massager. Another conversation piece.

Dessert. Homemade apple pie by Kathy (mmhhh). She cut the 8 pieces and served the 7 but thought not to dirty another plate. She got a lot of teasing about this. All in good fun. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

James and I fell into bed not only with full tummies but with very grateful hearts.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments about our Christmas Eve celebration! We were so glad that you were able to come and that you enjoyed our chaotic and raucous home! You are now one of US and are invited to join us every year.

    I loved the pictures of William in his shepherd costume. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing when it allows you to ‘be with’ the ones you love that are so far away? I also loved Caleb on his horse.