Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Thanksgiving Day is always on the last Thursday in November (for my European readers). On Friday and Saturday everybody talks about shopping and incredible sales. Well, not me.
But Sunday is already the 1st of Advent. And that is usually the workshop at St Martin's to make the big Chrismons for the church tree. It is always the pattern of that year's ornament for the children. I am happy to teach my pattern to anyone who wants to learn how to make them for their personal gift giving. But it's easiest to learn with the bigger beads and pearls. So it's a good system.
When we are done making them in the parish hall we walk into the church and hang them on the tree. So every year the tree gets a bit fuller. It is such nice fellowship too.

Since Advent has begun I also have to make candle arrangements. Several with the Advent candles (which my sweet sister mailed to me) have already been distributed to happy friends.

And then every day a little more decorating. One of the very first things is always the Advent star. Well, you saw a picture of it every year I am sure. It's older then our girls and the points don't hold so well any more. So I tried to give it some help with tacky stuff. So far so good. Gluing wouldn't do because then you can't store it very easily.

The weather is going yo yo. When it was lovely and mild I had to go for a walk (about 3 miles around the neighborhood). It makes me feel so much better and I am not doing it often enough. As soon as the sun goes down it got chilly though.

First Wednesday of each month is the CR Women's Club meeting. It's party time in December of course. The entertainer this year was an accordionist.
It was really very nice. Informal fun! Check it out ...


We had planted this camellia several years ago. This year it is really showing off. Nothing as nice as a pretty bloom on a dreary day.

And there are little things. Friday morning I helped Sarah so she could help her friend Corinne with something. So I kept Caleb company for just a little while. Actually it was Edy who really wanted the attention. (As you can see, Omi is not very good with selfies - smile, Omi!)

I had to be home at noon because the local High School choir came for the annual Holiday concert to our community. It's only about half an hour but I love it. Here is a little taste (in the first one they even sing in Latin AND German)

More decorating. We had a great FaceTime with William and Papa showed him all the special ornaments (like baby William) on the tree. It was so much fun. Here is a new addition. William made it for us Christmas 2013.

And in the evening we babysat William so his parents could go to dinner and to a concert.

Wow, the boy is all over the place now since he is walking. Look at this VIDEO.

And yes, we did burn our candle every day. So far ...

Tomorrow is already the second Sunday of Advent. I have made good progress pulling the Christmas decorations out of storage and putting them into their places. Music via Pandora from the iPad helps. Dear James is always so willing to help too. Technically there are four weeks to get ready for Christmas (besides the spiritual getting ready) but on the second Monday of each December my lacemaking friends come to celebrate and of course I like for the house to look festive.... But that will be another blog.
I also have blogged about my new addition, my quilted Advent calendar wall-hanging with lace Chrismons. Here is the link! Every day I have to update it with the new day.


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  2. I, too, am NOT a black Friday shopper. I did go to the grocery store early Friday morning and it was blissfully empty! I was very sorry to miss the Chrismon workshop – I know it was fun. I really enjoyed making them when we did them for the Holiday Market.

    Your advent star is gorgeous! I used to have a plain white one, but that one is so special.

    Your camellia is lovely. I couldn’t believe that the ones at church were blooming this morning.

    What an expert walker Caleb is! He can walk and clap at the same time, his recovery is great and he can even walk and carry at the same time!

    1. About the camellia ... i learned that you have to watch when you buy one because different ones will bloom at totally different times.
      Thank you for all your kind words.Yes, life is good.