Saturday, June 20, 2015

More this and that

I admit. I am too busy but I do take time once in a while to see what is going on in my garden. In the front: the hydrangea is blooming.

Friday the 12th ... Sarah came over with Caleb for a little while. It is June and it is hot (3 exclamation marks!!!) so she brings his water table. What child does not like to play with water?

He is cooling me off. Water over the feet is quite refreshing.

Oh oh Papa, pick up your feet.

Higher, Papa.

Love these chubby legs! After a while we could persuade him to water Omi's flowers instead of feet. VIDEO!

Omi found a little snack. Strawberries. Another VIDEO!

My indoor vine plant surprised me with having several buds. I wonder what this plant is called? I tried to google it. No luck.

My orchids are a bit sad right now. I think I have neglected them. I do have one pretty flower though.

Two days later the buds are much bigger (15th) but until now they have not opened yet.

Sunday (14th) was a big day at church. We celebrated with the graduates. Potluck after service. Fun!

More fun later at 4:55 pm (just to be funny but everybody was on time) because we had several friends from church over for refreshments and nibbles. We had invited all who go to St Martin and live in our community. It gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better.

What else? Had Caleb for one night because both of his parents had to leave for work before the daycare is open. Of course that was fun. Sorted out issues with our new iPhones (storage and iCloud) and pulled photos onto the laptop. Still things to learn. Went to the Social Security Office (again!) because my retirement money is still not sorted out. We started that process October 1st! And ... FaceTime with Helen and William!

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  1. Caleb is getting so grown up! But still those chubby little toddler legs! I used to nibble on Jessica’s – irresistible!