Thursday, June 25, 2015

WV - the rest of the story

Fourth and last breakfast here. We are on the back porch and have a nice chat with other guests. I think that is the niceness of a B+B. So much more social then a hotel.



After breakfast I can take a picture of Geri and Ed with James. We had such a good time there at the Breath of Heaven.



Some more pictures. It was really more a suite than a room.






The entrance to it.



Ready to leave. And just so that we are not sad it starts raining. The weather for our little mini trip had been just perfect. Not too hot but not too cold. The rain/thunderstorms did not interfere with anything. In hind-site though it might have been the reason that it was so muddy yesterday and we had to wade through the stream. But it had been such an adventure! I still haven't come down from my cloud.



Flowers at a rest stop. Pretty.



Yes, that's the rest of the story. Easy drive home. The muddy things are washed and the socks are still usable. And oh, no blisters either. Silk sock liners are great.



  1. Welcome home, my friends! Will see you soon.

    1. Thank you! Yes, looking very much forward to seeing you.