Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Got a complaint

... that I have not blogged lately. I am trying, trying.

Busy busy with all sorts of things. Not much can be done in the garden. It is VERY HOT ... even for me who makes a point not to complain in summer since I don't like winter.

Here is a lesson though. This came up in one of the planters. I almost pulled it thinking it was a weed but then decided to leave it alone. Look what it did:

July 5

July 12 - so pretty

I am finally serious about organizing my "queendom". When you can't find things any longer ... But first it gets worse when you pull things off shelves and out of boxes, making heaps to throw or give away etc.

James supportive as always! Making progress. The base for the shelves is up.

To get the material for the shelves we needed to swap cars with Sarah though. We met for lunch on Friday 10th before she went to work and swapped then. With her car we got everything but it took stops at three lumber yards.
The trade-off ... swapping the cars back the next day when she was off and help her with one of her closets. The girls call me lovingly the "closet queen". I have helped with many of theirs besides mine over the years. I think it's fun.
Since Caleb likes to start the day early (and we didn't want to drill and hammer during his nap time) I arrived already at 8:30 am. James came a little later because he had the monthly church men's breakfast.
Look what I saw on the front steps.

Caleb was interested.

Had to say hello and socialize a little first. Caleb wanted to play with bubbles.

Ready to work. James had a meeting at church first and I had a head start taking the old shelves out, measuring, prepping. Sarah knew what she wanted. The wide shelves across where not practical. She wanted them just on the sides. Luckily we could use what was there and it was very easy. Needed to make a little cut-out though to allow for the door molding.

Worked out great.

Of course there was the monthly lace guild meeting and the monthly quilters meetings but that is on the other blog site (well, will be soon).
We got to go to the LGBG (Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden) though last Wednesday. Sarah had a day off and we went with the water play in mind. First we did pop into the butterfly house though. Last time Caleb was not interested much. This time he really was. What a difference a few weeks make.

Got videos at the water play but I think there where too many older children for him.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
The sandbox a few steps further was more interesting.

We went home for lunch ... on the back porch. Nice. Caleb had dragged the toy box outside. James was doing hamburgers on the grill. When I came with the plates and fixings Caleb told me "hot, hot, hot" and pointed. He does the same in the kitchen pointing at the stove. Clever boy.

Caleb wasn't into hamburgers.

He was into his nap-time though.

Happy 4th Anniversary on 16th July to Sarah and Wade. James and I went to their house so they could go out for a private dinner. We went for a little walk in the neighborhood because when Caleb gets tired he wants to go to bed ... but you can't do that too early. I have never known a toddler you can just get ready for bed, lay him down and leave. He happily rolls around for a little while and then falls asleep. Glad for the monitor!

One of my contributions to our church: planning occasional workshops to get ready for the bazaar in November. It is wonderful fellowship. Look what we did. Danish hearts. All they need are their handles to hang.

Helen told me today on the telephone that William said this morning "Only three more sleeps until Omi and Papa are coming". Yes, looking forward to see our Nashvillers soon!

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  1. Compared to me, you are an exemplary blogger. I am extremely tardy and need to get firm with myself. Always love seeing that you’ve blogged!