Monday, July 6, 2015

Old Travel Reports - 2004

I am on a mission! I can't find things and it drives me crazy. Well, I mean mainly in my "queendom". I am sorting and throwing and re-arranging. My computer now has a permanent place were it is not in the way. I turned the table with the sewing machine around and it has better light and ... I can turn the chair around between the computer and the sewing machine. So much more to do ... but ... I did a really good start the last few days.

The wish to sort and organize includes papers and photos, old slides and family movies etc etc. That technology changed 10 times doesn't help either. Super 8, DVD, CD ...

Since 2011 my best photos, memories and travel reports are on this blog. Huge hopes that this will not crash or die!!! When I talked with my friend Corry in Germany via Skype today we reminisced about vacation together on a boat in France. So I wondered what happened to that report. Found it hidden in a file. I decided to upload. It was one loooooong trip ... with the canal at the end!

Trip around the World - PDF

On the Canal in France - PDF!

I hope to be able to upload more "old" travel reports. Oh, the memories!!! And when I start reading I don't get much done in the sorting and throwing department. Oh well ...


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  1. You are an inspiration. I have so much organizing and clearing out to do – closets, drawers, the entire kitchen, the shed and an attic! So far, I’ve done ONE closet. If I don’t get a move on, Christmas will be breathing down my neck!

    I’ve bookmarked this page so that I can go back and read the around the world report. I read and loved the canal one.