Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday's child is loving and giving

Remember the Mother Goose poem? We had had big plans for Friday. Sarah was having her weekly pregnancy check-up. Then she was going to come by and we all would go and have our yearly flue shots and go for lunch. She also had plans for a pedicure and I don't know what else.

The doctor didn't like her blood pressure and sent her over to the hospital for monitoring. To make a long story short, decision was made to induce. By noon we knew that this was the day. Wade's parents were on the road at 1 pm.

James and I went with two cars. His car has Caleb's car seat. None of us knew how things would go and how we could help. We spent most afternoon keeping Sarah company. Doctors and nurses were wonderful. Sarah got excellent care. It must have been around 6 pm when we went outside into the sun to warm up a little and go into the cafeteria to find a little dinner.

Sarah was introduced to "the peanut" to help speed up the labor. It did help tremendously because soon she was rolled into the OR, a standard precaution for twins.

Colin Wade was born 7:03 pm. Michael Owen was born 7:08 pm. 09.09.2016

This picture was taken 7:46 pm. Wade had to find us in the waiting room because of bad phone reception in the hospital we never got the text.




The babes are not even an hour old in these pictures. We are all so happy that things worked out for Sarah and everybody is happy and healthy. Lots of prayers had been said and they have been heard. Thanks to the LORD!



The orange thing in the back is "the peanut".



Kathy and Mike, Wade's parents.



They had picked up Caleb from daycare and then later brought him to meet his "brobbers".



Sarah and Wade had prepared Caleb well all these months. He was really sweet. He had a curious look on his face.








James and I left because the other grandparents are only here for the weekend. We decided to celebrate a little with cheese and crackers and a bottle of Schloß Biebrich Sekt. You have to wind down after an event like this.




James had the church men's breakfast at 8 am which means the alarm rang. I communicated with Sarah. She had a steady stream of visitors and told me to come 1-ish. James and I had some errands to do. We went in two cars again.

I just arrived when Sarah and the babes were moved to the 4th floor and I could help with that. The extra baby takes an extra person.

The new room had a window which made Sarah happy. Papa is a pretty good rocker.



Later in the afternoon Carolyn came to visit. We always enjoy meeting her. She loves taking photos too like me, but she is better.



This is the picture she took. I "stole" it from Facebook. Precious.



I took these. It is easy when you have cute subjects.

Colin on the left (asleep) and Owen on the right (peaking a little at his brother).




But Owen didn't have his eyes open very much either. Well, that's what babies do.



They also burp and spit on you (thanks, Colin) and need their diaper changed (you're welcome, Colin). We left when the others arrived. At home we discussed how much they have already changed from the previous evening to this afternoon.

Oh yes, and thanks to our gadgets (FaceTime) Helen and William saw them in Nashville yesterday and Stephen and Jilly saw them this afternoon when they called to congratulate from England. We appreciate how everybody is happy with and for us.



  1. I am so pleased to hear your news and that all are well, please give Sarah and the new additions our love. Diana & Chris

  2. I am so happy for you all. Babies remind us of our blessings! I love seeing Caleb with them! I can't wait to meet them.

  3. Hallelujah. This is God's glory. I am so glad you blog about things and then about Big Things like BABIES. Hugs to all.