Monday, September 5, 2016

Overnight guest

Last Wednesday Caleb brought his suitcase to stay the night and his parents for dinner ... taco salad ... again!





Schatzi came to visit too and beat Caleb to the door.



Caleb helped Papa water the flowers. I was taking a video and was sure I would get wet! Ha--ha, you can check whether I did HERE.



Nothing like dessert after dinner.



His parents left, Caleb had a bath, read a couple of books with Papa and went to sleep. The blow-up child mattress works well.

Next day (September already, hard to believe) breakfast, some play with "Omi's train tracks" and then Papa went "to the other side of the river" to hand him over to Mommy. James didn't have to bring him to day care this time because they decided to meet at ... Mrs Yoder's doughnuts at the Great Big Greenhouse Thursdays 9am-1:30pm

Lucky he brought one back for me too.


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  1. Mrs. Yoder's!!!! MMMMMMM! Best doughnuts in Richmond. Maybe VA. Maybe in the US!