Saturday, November 4, 2017

Time flies

Already November. But here are still photos from October.

Tuesday 17
The boys are gone. Back to just James and me. Mixed feelings. A friend had given us a coupon for Tokyo Sushi which is in walking distance to our house. The weather was lovely and we had a delightful lunch.

Thursday 19
Finally got all the info for the workshop I am to do at our church ... making advent wreaths with real greenery on Saturday December 2. Priced the material we need and found where we can get it. You would think but not that easy.

Friday 20
James and I try to go for a walk every day. This guy was on the driveway in front of the garage door. I could have driven over it. Luckily for him/her that I saw and transferred him/her to the azalea. Erie how he/she looks at you. Of course I was almost laying on the driveway to take the photo.

Monday 23
Finally got around to fix Caleb's teddy. I saw too late that it had come from Build-a-bear or I would have brought it there. Sarah had to work on that weekend and I had been to their house. Caleb came running and said his Mommy had told him to give me the bear to fix. Good call.
I got a hug when I returned it!

Saturday 28
Many great days in October weather-wise. James grilled a steak for him and salmon in foil for me outside. AND ... we ate it outside too. Steamed cauliflower with sautéed onions ... healthy?

Saturday 28
We also went for a walk at Crump Park (Meadow Farms). We only had intended to go for a walk but it happened there was a one day event in the old house. It was set up as a wake. We took advantage and took a (free) tour including a walk to the cemetery in the woods. It was very nice and informative.
Afterwards we went around outside. Couldn't resist taking a photo of this guy. Quite happy with my efforts.

End of the months! Every day in the last week I was working on the monthly church newsletter. I always feel like celebrating when I have it finally done and (electronically) mailed off. In case you are interested:

Top of my to-do list since we are back home is getting ready for the church bazaar, officially called Holiday Market. I was for some time in an awful panic. At the ECW (church ladies) meeting in August, I had led a workshop cutting out things ... turkey parts ... angel parts ...
I couldn't find what we had done. I searched the whole house half a dozen times. And then ... one day ... I found it. Yeah, yeah, it had been in plain site all the time. So now it was time to put the final touches on. Progress!

October 31 ... Halloween
But also Reformation Day. Known to you if you have grown up in Germany. And this year it is the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the church door.  I had to think all day how one person CAN make a difference. How he has changed society!!!

I used to really not like Halloween. Ever since my first year. I arrived October 6 hardly speaking English. Our apartment was on the 15th floor in this huge building of 300 (?) apartments. James called me after lunch that his secretary had informed him about this day's happenings. I went to get the candy and opened and closed the door to the hallway several dozen times, never understanding what those kids were saying.

I found this on FaceBook:

Sarah asked us whether we wanted to come over. Some extra hands with her three are always helpful.  It was quite fun. I might start enjoying Halloween.

Owen wore Caleb's first time. The red-chilli-pepper sleeping sack from Maren. It was a little snug but he didn't mind too much. Somebody on the walk called him a cute strawberry though.

Colin wore Caleb's second year outfit. He was a little dragon.

Caleb was a race car. I think Sarah had ordered the outfit on line and it had come some time ago. He slept every day with it and still liked it.

After it was dark and way past the twins' bedtime Sarah and I went back to the house and put them to bed. I stayed and she went to join the others again.
Caleb arrived happily with candy in his pumpkin. He was very good about not wanting to eat everything right away and even shared. I got his two Almond Joys after he had heard that they were my favorites. Sweet boy!

Happy All Saints Eve!

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  1. The best part of Halloween is seeing all the little ones in their costumes!