Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Blessed Easter

Holy Week was really special for me this year. We made it to service every day. Having been to the Holy Land last September really gave me a new feeling for everything. The weather (being quite cold this year) was kind on Good Friday and the Stations of the Cross service outside in the Memorial Garden was special. You can have a look in our monthly church newsletter here!

Easter Sunday service. Sarah and Wade had decided that they wanted to come to our church. We filled the pew very nicely. I had forgotten to bring the traditional bells but a nice church friend let Caleb have one to ring. And it wasn't a small one either, ha-ha.

Afterwards of course the traditional Easter egg hunt. Between Sarah and me we have quite a collection of photos and it was not easy to pick. Little children are always so cute.

Caleb enjoyed the "hunt", even though he is not even so keen on the eating. Colin and Owen had not really an idea what was going on. They carried their baskets in a way that they lost their bounty as fast as they would find something. It was fun though. It took all of us to keep them rounded up though.

They did cooperate with the picture taking. Yeah!

James and I went back to our house to change and get the lamb chops for the grilling and the shrimp appetizer (unfortunately we forgot to bring the mint sauce). Who would have thought that a 4-year-old loves the shrimp. And he is quite good pulling the tails off too.

Late afternoon we headed home to pack and get ready for the drive to Nashville the next day. James (with his long arms) helped to put the Easter decoration up. I have so much fun with the eggs. So many memories. They stay up til Pentecost (I know I have posted pictures every year).

It looks a little like Easter / spring outside.

Hope you all had a lovely and meaningful Easter time too.

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  1. I remember seeing your family at church on Easter and thinking that if the Nashville contingent had been there, you would have needed a second pew!