Friday, September 14, 2018

2006 - Our Time in Singapore - part 1

More old reports. Found them on my old PC created with a program which mostly doesn't work any longer. I try to save whatever I can. Love the memories.

I am such a lucky girl. I got to live for 15 months in Singapore. Way tooooo short but I am happy that I had the time.
Our friends encouraged us to give reports so for that time we had a website ... supposedly free (in the beginning) ... for one year and then they tried to cheat us ... at which time my website died. Most of the reports I had saved though and found them in a file. They are all PDFs now. It's a bit tedious to click on them but I so enjoy reading them and to remember the time.

2006-08-14  finding the Singapore apartment 

2006-09-02  Germany

2006-10-15 on the way to Singapore

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  1. What a lovely treat! Momma is sleeping late this morning and I've been able to read this all!