Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sarah's Wedding Garter

Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue.

Old: the engagement ring was made from Wade's grandma's ring

New: the dress

I wonder how many dresses Sarah tried on? She was very good about it since she is good at making decisions. It still was a bit of an adventure though. The problem was she looked good in all of them. And then it was finally ordered ... in January already. It took its time coming though which made the bride a little nervous. 

The three fittings took all place in secret. Ha!

Borrowed: the brooch on the bouquet

The brooch was my mother's. She gave it to me many years ago. I am not ready to give it up yet.

Blue: the elastic and ribbon on the garter

Info for my lacemaking friends:
The Garter is a design by Sherry Graham. I used 34 pairs of linen 80/2 and 2 pairs with gimp.

This is what you get when you DON'T pre-prick your pattern. You also get a callus on your finger.

I found that a little more then 1 1/2 of the circumference is good. If it is too ruffled it doesn't show the pattern.

We know that is not were it is worn.  Got to have some fun!

I could not find any blue elastic suitable for this ... so my friend Lise came to the rescue and mailed some to me from Missouri.

I cut it a little shorter then the circumference and attached a piece of matching ribbon to each end. Put it around the leg and tied a (secure) bow.   

Now I have put it into a candle-holding glass tube for Sarah (Bed, Bath and Beyond).

The ends are tucked under and a little bow made from the ribbon pinned to each end. She seemed to be pleased.

The veil was home-made too ... but by machine. Sarah didn't want anything too elaborate because it would clash with the dress.

I bought tulle. There is quite a selection out there and relatively inexpensive.

I cut the right length (top and bottom layer in one piece) and rounded the four edges. I cut strips about 2 inches wide of Sulky Solvy lightweight water soluble stabilizer (with coupon about $4), used two to sandwich (ironing) the tulle edge all around.

I used silver thread to sew two decorative stitches (one after the other) all around.

Mistake: I only had white in the bottom bobbin not realizing first that when I would turn the top shorter layer of the veil over, the underside of the stitch would now be the top. It was easily corrected though. Just another five-minute job, haha.

 Next time: Use silver thread for top AND bottom thread.

Moral of the story: So many things you do only once and the knowledge gained is wasted.

Trim the excess tulle/stabilizer next to the border carefully. Soak and rinse the whole thing well and iron dry. Test the heat setting on a piece of the scrap tulle. All the craft stores have the wire combs to attach it too. Satisfying work.


  1. Good job Christa! My garter had blue on it too but was bought from Nordstrom! HA!

  2. Thanks. Can't make often lace for my girls they actually want. It was fun.

  3. Beautiful! I used to work at a bridal shop and we had a tiny elderly lady that made our 'special' veils - your veil was as lovely as anything I ever saw her make!