Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy in Nashville

Yes, William keeps us busy. But there are other things as well.

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Church Home away from Home. 
When we are in Nashville, we go to the services of St Mark's Episcopal Church, Antioch, very near to us.

A little church on a huge property.

This greets you right before the Sunday School Building. The sign post says:
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

This Sunday was Rally Day. James and I were very impressed with this vibrant congregation.
This Sunday only: a 9:30am service instead of the usual two at 8am and 10:30am.
After the service you were invited to walk around to look at the different stations about Time and Talent opportunities.

And afterwards there was a super potluck lunch in the true Episcopalian fashion.

*  *  *
Meeting Williams other grandma and great-grandma

Sunday afternoon Helen lead us to a u-pick orchard in Lebanon (read: Leb-non). We got a big bag of the last white peaches. Delicious.

Afterwards we met Ben, his mother Joy and grandmother Jessie at the Cracker Barrel. I should have said THE Cracker Barrel, because this is the oldest one. Jessie went to school with the original owner/founder. We had a lot of fun. William liked to see his Mops and GeeGee.

Prince William on the barrel.

*  *  *

More quilt squares for Blog Lotto (see a previous blog)

Now there are six. But I think this is it.

*  *  *
Got to play with William !!!
William loves gadgets. I wonder where he got that from? You can see him here.

William likes stairs. Good exercise too!

If you want to see him claim Mt. Stairs click here.

What then? When he is upstairs he likes to explore ... first the closet.

William likes doors  ... even closed doors.

(click on the bolder words and then on the link to watch videos on YouTube)

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