Monday, August 15, 2011

Taking William to Cheekwood

Spending time in Nashville again. Helen has gone back to school. She wants to be a TESL (Teacher for English as a second language) and we are so proud of her. So we are helping out a little with William. What a hardship, haha.
Sunday afternoon Helen held a training class for the READingPaws program she is very active in  so Grandpa and Omi went with William to the Cheekwood Botanical Garden.

Every time we visit Cheekwood there seems to be something special to see. This time:
April 9 - December 31, 2011 _Tennessee_in_G.aspx

The miniature landscape with many different trains, bridges and buildings was surely built with love. William was a little young for it but James and I enjoyed it. 

An overview from the back. The size of it!

A little rest for the ones who are walking.

And then there was the sculpture garden. This is huge.

Crawling Lady Hare (1997)
Artist: Sophie Ryder (England)

William doesn't mind where we go or how bumpy it is. He is happy.

Another sculpture. Be open-minded!

The Order of the Present is the Disorder of the Future - Saint Just (1988)
Artist: Ian Hamilton Finlay (Scotland)

Is that a skeptic look?

A sculpture on the lake:

Reflection (2011)
Artist: David Wood

I should have taken a video of this. It was quite lovely when it moved.

But I do like natures art the best !!!

We really wanted some refreshment in the Pineapple Cafe ... but it was closed. Bummer. Crawling around on the grass in the back of it was nice too though.

And here is something cute to see:

What can I say? That happy smile is worth everything.

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