Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 > 2012

When we change from one year to the next we humans tend to "take inventory". I already do most of it when I write our Christmas letter in the beginning of December. And I always come to the same conclusion: with all the ups and downs ... we are so blessed. 2011 was a very eventful year and it ended very well too. Christmas Dinner with Sarah and Wade, New Year's Eve Dinner with Helen, Ben and William. What else can parents ask for?

Thursday: Driving all day.
Friday: Helen and William came to visit and then James and I were allowed to be sitters all afternoon. He is such a fun little guy.

Click here to see him playing "Peekaboo" with Grandpa.

Click here to see him find his old teething toy on his shelf. He is working on getting two more teeth upstairs and 2 more downstairs. Is this the reason why his nose is running a little?
Saturday: We had brought a new car seat for our car from Virginia and it needed adjusting. William was supervising.
He loves car seats and couldn't get into it fast enough. The adjusting took a while but he didn't mind at all. He was only a bit cross when he had to get out in-between for Helen to do something underneath.
 He was so ready to go somewhere. He laughs when you hold his jacket out for him. So we went to the Providence shopping center.

After shopping we had lunch at Olive Garden. He was so patient for so long.

Trying to bite something with his four front teeth.

And then I finally finished William's quilt. Here is a picture in night time light.

And this is how it all began in July 2010. Fabric needs to be pre-washed.
The original idea. I couldn't find a pattern of interlocking rings to I had to make it up myself. I wanted to put a picture of somebody in William's immediate family into each ring.
A selection for Mommy Helen to choose from.

I already had talked about some of this in this blog.
The quilt was ready and only needed the pictures. Since the selection of the pictures was very involved, I decided that they would be added after the quilt was finished.
Helen is telling William who all the people are.

 William is approving.
 Helen is ironing the the pictures on.

 Picture taken in day light. The navy blue is not so easily photographed, but just right for a boy. He is supposed to use it.

Another reason for ironing the pictures ... every year one picture of William can be added ... see 2011 with the date on the photo. All Helen has to do is send the picture and I can send the ready photo transfer back to her. When he is old enough, he can choose "the picture of the year". It should be fun.

When the family cuddles up on the sofa under the quilt, they can tell William about Aunts and Uncles, Great-Grandpas and about all the people who love him.

It was such a nice New Year Eve dinner that I totally forgot to take pictures. James had made a really nice beef roast in the oven. We had very nice discussion (but unfortunately didn't solve the problems in the world). William did some entertaining too but at 9 pm you could see that he needed his bed. James and I stayed up with some champagne.

And since I had already started with my resolutions for 2012 before the new year (concentrating on finishing already started projects!) I finished knitting William's second pair of woolly tube socks. All I need now is a needle with a big eye to sew the ends away. I am going to make that list today and the socks and William's quilt don't need to be on it. Yeah!

We wish all our friends and family a wonderfully blessed New Year 2012.

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