Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love those gadgets

So far so good. My resolutions to be more productive seem to be working. I wanted to be better keeping truck of my/our calendar and the iPhone is very handy for that. Got to use the gadgets you have!

Nothing on the calendar? Lets go to the Mummy exhibition at the VMFA. We kept talking about it. If you don't watch it the event is over before you went. You have to call for tickets for a specific time because it starts with a 30 minute movie for which you receive 3-D glasses. It is FIRST CLASS! To which James says that it is no wonder since the exhibition comes from the British Museum in London.

The exhibition was so worth seeing. James and I have been in Egypt, in the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and in the Cairo Museum, but you can never see enough of it. Here there were not an overwhelming number of pieces but really special ones with wonderful explanations.

To think some things were made 3000 years ago with not nearly the sophisticated tools we have now. The craftsmanship! The artistic design!

Of course no photography ... but there were mummies in the gift shop window!

If you want to know more about the exhibition click here.

Between finally trying to straighten out my 'queendom' (hobby room), cutting up fabric and doing the 'regular' things, time to make lace.

I don't think I will be wearing this shawl this winter.

Started to sort my fabric. For a brief period I was talked into (by a quilt shop owner) that pre-washing for quilts is not necessary. What a mistake. So some un-washed pieces are in-between my stash ... and I am taking care of that now. I also learned how to easily fold each piece so it is not one big mess.

James' comment: Mmhh, several quilts here!

Oh, yes ... more to do.

Last coat of varnish on the bobbins for the HLG (Heartland Lace Guild). Year bobbins and achievement bobbins out to dry long enough so they don't stick together in the mailing. Uuuhhh, that has happened. They can feel dry but aren't.
And yes, Easter is just around the corner. O.k., o.k., Lent has not even started but time goes so fast.

I saw some work on the internet by Steffi Reinhardt in Germany and it inspired me to do this one. It has 12 four-legged spiders. I made it into a sampler. I recently received the book Spinnen, Spinnen, Spinnen by Hildegard Gloes, which has an abundance to choose from. It was a lot of fun. I used tatting cotton but might try it again with sewing thread for a daintier look.

14 pairs of bobbins. 
This shows the different spiders a little better.
This was an earlier one I made. All the spiders the same.

And now what I am really excited about. About two Sundays ago I saw how much weight the parents of the little twins in the pew in front of us in church have lost and how great they look. Asked Jay how he did it. He says he has a FREE app on his phone which makes it so easy. I tell James about it in the afternoon and moments later he is signed in. We have both lost about 3 pounds each since then. I kind of 'hitch-hiked' with James until now since we both eat pretty much the same but I downloaded the app yesterday on my own phone and find that it is a lot of fun. MyFitnessPal really makes you aware about healthier living.

Keep your fingers crossed and wish me success. Its not about looking good but about being healthy.


  1. We went to that same exhibit. I am madly wild about anything to do with ancient Egypt. I'm sure that Mike was ready to strangle me in the British Museum. We thought it was funny that we took a billion pictures of the EXACT SAME PIECES in London that spring, but couldn't at the VMFA! You have actually BEEN to Egypt and seen the tombs and the Cairo museum???? Oh, I want to hear ALL about it and see any pictures, PLEASE!

  2. Egypt ... I think that was 1983 or 4 or so. Before digital photos. Ha-ha, we could make a pact. You work on England and I try to find Egypt!

  3. It's a deal! As soon as I can type normally, I'll get busy!