Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fun in Nashville

We had a lot of fun with Helen, Ben and William this week. And the weather cooperated too.

On Tuesday the 3rd of January it was VERY cold but the sun was shining so lovely and warm that we bundled William up. See what he has on his hands? Poor darling doesn't have gloves or mittens so Helen had the bright idea to use the new wooly socks I had just finished. He doesn't mind.
 He doesn't mind as long as Grandpa takes him on a walk.
James and I took him to the Library again ... Mother Goose on the loose at 10:30 am.

William has fun and so does Grandpa, haha.

You can watch a short video if you click here.

On Wednesday we all went to Longhorn Steakhouse in honor of Helen's birthday coming up (since we can't be there on THE day). William is very good to take anywhere but at the end even he got a bit restless and we had to find something to play with. Did you know that the advertising things on the tables make nice frames to peekaboo with when you take the advertisement out? Sorry, Longhorn, we might have made the paper a little bent ... but it was a Christmas advertisement anyway.

Peekaboo, Mommy!

Friday was our last day for now in Nashville. Helen had time for us all day. It was such a lovely warm day. We were out in t-shirts on the back porch talking with the neighbor. Grandpa was trimming the edge of the carpet (which Omi should have done a long time ago).
William loves being outside. You can see it when you click here.

After lunch we went to Centennial Park.

William loves that playground there.

Even if his hair stands up on end in the (plastic) tube.

You can see a short video
here and
here  and 
here  and 
more here.

After we had walked around the lake with William in the stroller, we had to make one stop at a shop. William was "out" as soon as he was in the car seat.
Back home Helen worked on her Block Lotto square of the month. Cutting and sewing curves! Helen does such a great job. 
We had worn William out. He was not quite his usual happy-self. But I have to post this photo anyway ... see those curls?

Saturday ... on the road again ... and back in Virginia.

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