Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Party after the Other

A week ago it was Sarah's party. This week there will be more. First the Friday evening Olympic Opening Ceremony.

But first we had to go shopping to get ready. See Grandpa and William?
Had to make another stop.
William loves going places in the car. Here he is playing with his mother's sunglasses.

He is such a big boy now already.

And he is very good playing even by himself.
Yes, the Olympic Games are starting.
Helen baked Cheese Crisps. Yumm! A whole pound of sharp cheddar cheese.
We did a beef roast in the crock pot. Can't grill outside if you want to watch the opening ceremony.
It's going to be a bit much watching TV in the next few days.

Helen is ready for Saturday afternoon. It's Ben's mother's birthday and we will have a get-together at our townhouse.

This is Joy's birthday present from Helen!

Helen wrote a nice blog about it. You can read it here!
This is a picture from earlier in the week. Helen is hand-sewing the binding ...
... while William is taking his nap.
Finished!!! Really, read her story (link above)
This is her first quilt and she did a great job.
But first we had cucumber sandwiches (because Joy likes savory) and then an ice cream birthday cake from DQ.
The cake was especially enjoyed by William.
William liked the cake so much that it was better to re-locate to the living room.
William and his great-grandmother GeeGee.
Helen could not wait to finally give her "birthday 2008 gift" to her mother-in-law.

Whenever Helen had worked on it she kept saying "I hope she will like it".
Well, there was no doubt about it, she did! 

Then we played. The simplest things are sometimes the best. It started with Omi putting William's old homemade rattle (little empty water bottle with dry lentils) on her head ... and catching it when it fell down.
Then we put it on William's head. You should have heard that boy giggle and laugh. 
He had so much fun with it.
And could not get enough of it.

Then we all had to take turns. Mommy first.

Then we played with a pot and old golf balls.
I hope our screaming didn't disturb the neighbors. How much fun one can have with just "stuff".
It wore him out. When Mops and GeeGee had to go home we watched a little Olympic games.

Then we found that it was really pleasant outside for a change but see who climbed into my seat just because I got up for a minute ...

... and being so proud of himself.

Another party tomorrow (Sunday): it's Ben's birthday

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