Monday, February 25, 2013

Costa Rica Day 16 and back in Nashville

Thursday February 21

Obviously I was a little behind with my blogging ... mainly because of the lack of internet at the end. But when I was back and was talking about the trip, I wanted to show a picture. I realized that I didn't know which blog I needed to open. So, here is a list which might help:

Day 1 = traveling to San Jose

Day 2 = Teatre Nacional in San Jose, Coffee Finca, Hotel Quinta Sarapiqui

Day 3 = white water rafting, bats

Day 4 = Archaeological Park / Nature Trail

Day 5 = Day in the life ...

Day 6 = Don Juan Organic Finca, Hotel Kokoro in La Fortuna

Day 7 = Rio Frio, Potter

Day 8 = Lake Arenal, Arrive Hotel Buena Vista

Day 9 = Zipline, Horseback

Day 10 = Outrigger canoe

Day 11 = Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio / Pacific Ocean Beach

Day 12 = Rio Tarcoles (crocodile river), wood factory, back to San Jose

Day 13 = Bus to Carribean side, boat to Tortuguero

Day 14 = Tortuguero

Day 15 = travel back to San Jose

Aaahhh, this was another wonderful trip. We like OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) because the groups are small. We were 15 plus the trip leader and the bus driver. The leader and driver were very knowledgeable, fun to be with and always helpful. We lucked out with our travel companions. All were about our age. Barbara admitted to us that this was her 17th trip with OAT and that she was 82. I am hoping very much that I will be fit like her when I am her age. We all had a lot of fun with each other and I hope that we will stay in touch.

Costa Rica is a great country. People are friendly and helpful. Landscape is interesting from the beaches to the mountains. Nature is beautiful and plentiful. We liked the food. Tasty. And no worries because we could eat even the salad and drink the water. Actually, I think our diet was probably healthier then at home.

For me the trip was special because I went out of my comfort zone ... white water  rafting ... zip lines. I have to read my blogs and dwell in memories.

* * * * *
The official OAT itinerary of today:
Day 16 - post-trip day 4
After breakfast at our hotel, transfer to the airport for your flight home.

* * * * *

We had plenty of time in the morning since we didn't need to leave the hotel in San Jose before 11am. We had to say good-bye to all the others the evening before but Sallie and Steve were going to be on the same flight to Miami so we could take the same transport to the airport. James and I were automatically upgraded for the second flight because of his frequent flyer status but not for the first because the flight was full. But we may use the clubs. Unfortunately San Jose Airport didn't have one.
Check-in went fine but security was very thorough. I lost may little scissors and Sally lost her good knitting needles. The four of us found a restaurant and had a little light lunch. When we were in Miami and finally through immigration and had our luggage, Sallie and Steve had to make a mad dash to catch their next flight. The luggage was delayed for almost one hour due to "malfunction of the unloading system" whatever that means.
James and I had plenty of time and found a club. I so enjoy the remnant of James' travels = sitting comfy when waiting, having a glass of wine and some nibbles ...

Finally we reached Nashville around 22:30 and Helen was waiting for us. Since it was so late without William of course.

Friday February 22
But the next day they came over for lunch. James' and my heart leaped when William's face lit up when he saw us.

He is a little young for this puzzle we found but he does like puzzles.
 Not so easy. Practice, practice.
And he liked the froggy.

Video here!
Since I didn't feel like cooking, guess were we went to dinner? We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant close to the townhouse. Helen and William came too. 
William loves his chips and salsa. He loves dipping. Slightly spicy but he didn't even flinch.
We had several great days with Helen, Ben and William. Our last evening yesterday. We took turns being a horsy.

See you soon again!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts on Costa Rica. We are going there and Galapagos and Ecuador in May/June. Its a long way from New Zealand but should be worth it.

  2. An incredible experience for you. So many wonderful pictures! The animal ones are my favorites! How lucky that you both love to see new places and people. How well suited you and your dear husband are!

    1. Some people like to travel totally independent and sometimes we do to. But sometimes it is so much better to have a guide. We would have never NEVER seen all the animals he and the driver found for us to see in the wild. So much fun.