Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 365

Are you wondering "why this picture"?

See the coffee cups? The iPad?

This is where we did most of the reading on those 365 days.
Today we completed the task: James and I read the whole bible in one year!

Our bishop of the Diocese of Virginia had given the challenge to start at Pentecost. Booklets with the reading plan were made available at St Martin's Episcopal (our) Church. Several in our congregation started Monday after Pentecost. That was really nice because sometimes on Sundays somebody would bring up a question or point of what we had read during the week.

You can download the reading plan HERE! 

Besides the reading plan there is much more info on THIS SITE.

You also can find HERE the daily devotional/explanation which is best read before each daily bible reading. Most of the time very very helpful.

We had downloaded a bible to our iPads which is very practical. We could bookmark the section of the Old Testament, Psalm and New Testament after each reading and were ready for the next day.

Got to be honest though. Once we had already read all the psalms and the reading plan started over with 1 we skipped reading that. And when the plan was through with the New Testament and started that from the beginning again, we skipped that too. We tried to stay true to the plan when we were in Turkey and in Costa Rica etc etc which was not always easy. But so close to the finish and James' upcoming trip of his pilgrimage we doubled or even tripled the daily reading to be done earlier. Yesssss, we have done it!

I have to admit, sometimes I felt like we had to plow through a section. Sometimes I wonder why in the world this is important. Sometimes I wondered how can this be really God's word. But then there were incredible AHA moments. I should put 5 !!!!! here. We are both so happy we did it. The bible explains a lot what is going on in the Middle East even today. But mostly the bible explains HOW MUCH God really loves us.

Thanks be to God for all my blessings and my wonderful life!

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